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Five new regulations were signed today by Lucinda CREIGHTON, Irish Presidency, in the presence of 5 different MEPs. Two of those regulations were AGRI measures: the first one, to secure the future of the livestock and crop-diversification and to strengthen the competitiveness of traditional agricultural activities (2010/0256) by rapporteur Gabriel MATO ADROVER (EPP, ES); and the second one, to preserve and develop agricultural activities in the smaller Aegean islands, (2010/0370) by rapporteur Georgios PAPASTAMKOS (EPP, EL). The third signed regulation was about fishery, and it aims to ensure the protection of juveniles of marine organism by avoiding the discontinuation on the conservation of fishery resources through technical measures (2012/0158) by rapporteur Pat the Cope GALLAGHER (ALDE, IE) . There were two more signed Decisions of the EP and the Council amending EC Decisions: the first one, allowing the Commission to increase the co-financing rate of funds in the area of migration, asylum and external borders for MS experiencing serious financial difficulties in a determinate period of time (2012/0252) by rapporteur Nils TORVALDS (ALDE, FI) The second one, by the same rapporteur; allowing the Commission to increase the co-financing rate of the External Borders Fund for MS in the same conditions as the previous one (2012/0253). At this Lex Signing ceremony assisted also the AGRI chair, Paolo DE CASTRO S&D, IT) ; the PECH chair Gabriel MATO ADROVER (EPP, ES) ; and the LIBE chair Juan FernandoLÓPEZ AGUILAR (S&D, ES)

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