European Council (14-15 March)

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- MEPs statement

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00:00:05 Exterior shot of the EU summit venue, Council, Brussels, Belgium (1 shot) 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English): Graham WATSON, (ALDE, UK), President of the European Liberals: I think there is a recognition that the politics of rigorous discipline have made life more difficult in the short term and have increased unemployment in some countries, but I hope that the Germans and other will continue to insist on finical discipline and budgetary discipline without which Europe have no hope of a competitive economy in the future. The fact that we can accompany this with some stimulus particular to get some young people into jobs can only be a good thing. 00:00:37
00:00:47 SOUNDBITE (English): Graham WATSON, (ALDE, UK), President of the European Liberals: I think the lack of agreement between France and Germany at the moment is causing Europe some problems, but there is no doubt among the parties within the Liberal family, that the Germans are right in this, that it is monetary discipline which will provide the basis for more jobs in the longer term, in the short term countries like France are trying to soften the rules and we all know from the past the danger of that because it opens the flood gates for smaller countries to do the same. 00:00:38
00:01:25 SOUNDBITE (English): Graham WATSON, (ALDE, UK), President of the European Liberals: I think everyone in Brussels is very concerned about the situation in Syria, not simply the number of death and mutilations, but the vast number of refugees and the problems it is creating in Jordan, in the Lebanon and elsewhere. There are some who say, arm the rebels, and there is no doubt that the arm industry in France and the UK is putting pressure on the government to be able to sell more arms into Syria, but in the end more arms will mean more death and more injuries think there is great reluctance on part of the Germans and other to involve ourselves more heavily in arming a region where relations are already extremely tense. A region in which we have Israel and Palestine, in which we have Iran, a region already unstable and potentially a conflagration of military activity, unless Europe is united it would be very unwise to get involved. 00:01:09
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00:02:50 SOUNDBITE (English): Rebecca HARMS (Verts/ALE, DE): (on the case Hungary) The country belongs to those who could win elections, this is a very dangerous principles, the Constitutional changes approve that this is the way how O thinks and I'm convinced that the EU must use it means to fight against this. I'm also very much concerned about other countries in the region, behind Hungary, Bulgaria, there is no free press in Bulgaria. There are growing problems with how to deal with the political power in Romania and starting a process against Hungary would mean to prepare also measures against Bulgaria and Romania in case needed. 00:00:55
00:03:45 SOUNDBITE (English): Rebecca HARMS (Verts/ALE, DE): (on Syria) The proposals of Mr Cameron and by Mr Hollande I learned about are absolutely not convincing, both countries are members of the Security Council of the UN, I think as Mr Peres said this week in Strasbourg, we should work with all our possibilities and arguments for a United Nations intervention in Syria, the U.N. in cooperation with the leadership of the Arabic league has the duty to solve the problem. 00:00:13
00:03:58 SOUNDBITE (English) : Elmar BROK, (EPP, DE): (on EU-Iran): “I think it has to make clear that it is not an alibi for the Iranians to find time, the sanctions must work and we should really cooperate now with U.S. After they have given their promise of their bilateral negotiations, it is the decisive moment that the Iranians move.” 00:00:17
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