Economic and Financial Affairs Council: extracts from the arrivals and doorsteps

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End production: 12/02/2013   First transmission: 12/02/2013
On 12 February, Ministers of Finances will discuss the economic situation. This will be followed by a discussion on the IMF's financial sector assessment programme for the EU. The Council, starting at 10.30, is due to adopt conclusions on three reports from the Commission: the annual growth survey, an alert mechanism report and a fiscal sustainability report. It is also expected to set priorities for the EU's budget for 2014 and adopt a recommendation on the budget discharge for 2011. Terms of reference for a February G-20 finance ministers' meeting are also on the agenda.

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:04
00:00:04 Arrival of Margrethe Vestager, Minister for Economics and the Interior of Denmark 00:00:14
00:00:18 Arrival of Tonio Fenech, Maltese Minister for Finance, Economy and Investment 00:00:11
00:00:29 Arrival of Steven Vanackere, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development 00:00:00
00:00:29 Arrival of Steven Vanackere, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance and Sustainable Development 00:00:08
00:00:37 Arrival of Michael Noonan, Irish Minister for Finance 00:00:05
00:00:42 SOUNDBITE (in English) Michael Noonan, Minister for Finance of Ireland: I expect people to be saying that it is very good news that Ireland has been upgraded by one of the rating agencies. The agenda is pretty light this morning, I am going to Moscow Thursday morning so there will be talking about the agenda for the G20. 00:00:18
00:01:00 SOUNDBITE (in German) Luc Frieden, Minister for Finance of Luxembourg: The work of the troika must move on further and we need a discussion partner in Cyprus, which will be the new government after the presidential elections. For many reasons we need more time. 00:00:18
00:01:18 Arrival of Jeroen Dijsselbloem Dutch Minister for Finance 00:00:03
00:01:21 SOUNDBITE (in French) Pierre Moscovici, Minister of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade of France: Today during the ECOFIN Council we will be able to discuss the main themes, but concerning exchanges, the main discussion will be at the G20. It must be clear that we are not talking about pressure to the ECB, we have to respect its independence, but a coordinated approach so that exchange rates reflect the fundamentals of our economies and that there will not be any unstable moves which are negative for growth. 00:00:33
00:01:54 Arrival of Maria Fekter, Austrian Minister for Finance 00:00:17
00:02:11 Arrival of Ioannis Stournaras, Greek Minister for Finance 00:00:07
00:02:18 Arrival of Jürgen Ligi, Estonian Minister for Finance 00:00:09
00:02:27 SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Luis De Guindos, Minister of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness of Spain: I think that the ECB has a compromise with the stability of the euro and I think that there is a better opinion about the Spanish's measures. We've reduced the public deficit, our banking system is more stable and the economic reforms allow the growth of the Spanish economy. We have less doubts about the future of the euro and we are convinced about the positive effects of Spain. 00:00:43
00:03:10 Arrival of Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund 00:00:08
00:03:18 END 00:00:00
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