PEACE event 2013 Bringing Divided Communities Together - Sharing the experience of the EU PEACE Programme

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"Bringing Divided Communities Together" aims to highlight one of the European Union interventions in peace-building, namely the EU PEACE Programme within Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. The launch of the PEACE Programme in 1995 was the direct result of the European Union’s desire to respond positively to new opportunities in the Northern Ireland peace process during the paramilitary ceasefire announcements. Since then the EU has provided additional financial assistance through the PEACE II Programme as well as the current PEACE III (2007-2013). The programme features a genuine bottom-up involvement in its delivery and it aims to reconcile communities by creating a shared vision of society, building positive relations at local level as well as acknowledging and dealing with the past Project Testimonies "Football for All": is committed to tackling sectarianism and racism through football with a number of grass-root level education measures, such as - Working with Irish league clubs to develop Community Relations Plans and facilitating innovative Good Relations workshops. - Working in partnership with community groups, fans and volunteers to develop community driven Football For All initiatives to tackle sectarianism and racism. - Supporting the development of the World United intercultural football project, promoting respect for diversity and developing a World United intercultural workshop for youth and community groups.

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