Extracts from the technical briefing by Mark Stephen Gray, Spokesperson of the EC, on the progress report under the cooperation and verification mechanism (CVM) for Romania

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End production: 30/01/2013   First transmission: 30/01/2013
On 30 January 2013, Mark Stephen Gray, Spokesperson of the EC, presented the report issued by the Commission on the progress in Romania under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism. The report presents the Commission's analysis on the steps Romania has taken in the past six months and shows where further steps are needed

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10:00:05 Mark Stephen Gray, Spokesperson of the EC, arriving 00:00:03
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10:00:13 SOUNDBITE by Mark Stephen Gray (in ENGLISH) saying that the report makes clear that while some progress has been made over the last six months, Romania needs to do more to deliver on respect for the rule of law and judicial independence as it's implemented several but not all of the cooperation and verification mechanism recommendations; while the respect for the constitution and the decisions of the constitutional court have been restored, the independence of the judiciary and the instability faced by judicial institutions remain a major source of concern; the Commission has received numerous reports of intimidation, all harassment of individuals in core institutions. 00:00:59
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10:01:17 SOUNDBITE by Mark Stephen Gray (in ENGLISH) saying that the Commission stresses the importance of nominating a new prosecutor general and the Head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate who enjoy public confidence and demonstrate the independence, integrity and professionalism needed to deliver effective results in fighting corruption; the recent nominees have been rejected by the President of Romania; the Commission understands that there will be a new selection process; it will be important that a sufficient number of high quality candidates come forward in an open and transparent process and as far as possible with the support of the superior Council of Magistracy; this will be the best way of providing leadership in both bodies able to command public confidence; the Commission's recommendations also underline the responsibility of Ministers and Parliamentarians to set an example in terms of respect for integrity. 00:01:17
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