EP Conference of Presidents on MFF: - in presence of Martin SCHULZ, EP Presidents and EP Sherpas

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In the Conference of Presidents of this morning on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) EP President Martin SCHULZ repeated the EP point of view about the cuts that the Council is willing to impose to EU Budget. Once more, he expressed the importance of this Budget for ordinary people of Europe, explaining that this " is not money for Brussels; it is money for ordinary people in Europe. A total of 94% of our budget is channeled directly back to the Member States, to the regions and to ordinary people, or is invested in measures to help us achieve our foreign policy priorities." He affirmed that he understand the role of the President of the Council, Mr. VAN ROMPUY, who tries to secure the compromise between Member States whose first priority is to defend their national interests. However, he was clear in his position: "the proposed reductions in the EU budget – for example in the areas of transport infrastructure, broadband networks, the Erasmus Programme and rural development – are nothing other than real cuts whose impact ordinary people will feel in their daily lives."

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