Strengthening the fight against racism, xenophobia and all forms of hate crime:

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End production: 12/03/2013   First transmission: 12/03/2013
- extracts from the debate MEPs have demanded a fresh look at current EU laws against racism and xenophobia and have called on Member states to end their five-year deadlock over a proposed anti-discrimination directive. The so-called anti-discrimination directive that has been on the Council table for five years seeks to ensure equal treatment irrespective of religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. In a debate which took place today, MEPs have also pointed out that extremist leaders whose parties have won seats in some EU countries' parliaments are spreading hatred and intolerance. Parliament will vote on a resolution on these issues on Wednesday.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliamant, Strasbourg (France), (1 shot) 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English): Lucinda CREIGHTON. Ireland's minister of state for European affairs, speaking on behalf of the European Council Presidency of Ireland: "It requires Members to criminalise public incited violence or hate directed against persons belonging to a group defined by reference of race, colour, religion, descent or National ethnic origin. It also demands that such conduct is punishable by effective proportionate and dissuasive criminal penalties of at least of between 1 and 3 years imprisonment." 00:00:27
00:00:37 SOUNDBITE (English): Viviane REDING, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship: "We have completed the victim's right directive which gives victims of crimes a braod set of procedural rights including with access to justice, compensation and restoration and particular attention is paid to the special categories of victims of hate crime. So these instruments provide for mutual recognition of protection measures when victims move to another country." 00:00:29
00:01:06 SOUNDBITE (French): Véronique MATHIEU-HOUILLON (EPP, FR): "There is undisputable reality that people seeming to belong to a certain community are facing xenophobic aggressions and this can include the discrimination in finding a job, finding a place to live and to face repetitive identity controls." 00:00:17
00:01:23 SOUNDBITE (Hungarian): Konga GÖNCZ, (S&D, HU): "We don't have accurate data but the crimes that are committed and we need to make it possible to punish crimes of hate and to offer appropriate protection to victims so that the judicial services have to be consistent in their approach in trying to uncover these crimes and this is the kind of thing which needs to be tackled, very urgently and we need to get equality directive adopted in the Council." 00:00:32
00:01:55 SOUNDBITE (English): Renate WEBER, (ALDE, RO): "I think that it is matter of urgency to revise the framework decision against racisms and xenophobia and to enlarge it also to religious issues, on intolerance, against anti gypsies, on homophobia. The Council must adopt the antidiscrimination directive which is blocked for quite some time now and I think it is time to do it; it is one of the main instruments to fight discrimination and the violence. I think it is indeed the time to stop Roma expulsions and discrimination, including in France these days where this policies continues the policies promoted by Mr Sarkozy." 00:00:44
00:02:39 SOUNDBITE (German): Ulrike LUNACEK, (Verts/ALE, DE): "So the fight against xenophobia, anti-Semitism and anti-Roma sentiments and so on, have to be tackled at the level of hate speech, you can see posters by politicians and racist language in song lyrics for example." 00:00:18
00:02:57 cut away shots, (3 shots) 00:00:08
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