Participation of Siim Kallas at the launch of the clean fuel strategy, and test of electric cars, and exracts from the press conference on clean power for transport package

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End production: 24/01/2013   First transmission: 24/01/2013
On 24 January 2013, Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, gave a press conference for the launch of the clean fuel strategy. This ambitious package of measures aims to ensure the build-up of alternative fuel stations across Europe with common standards for their design and use. Policy initiatives so far have mostly addressed the actual fuels and vehicles, without considering fuels distribution. Efforts to provide incentives have been un-co-ordinated and insufficient. On this occasion, Siim Kallas tested several electric cars that were showcased on the esplanade of the Berlaymont.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Cars and trucks using alternative fuels (2 shots) 00:00:11
10:00:16 Plug of electric point 00:00:05
10:00:22 Electric cars and van (2 shots) 00:00:09
10:00:31 Arrival of Siim Kallas, Vice-President of the EC in charge of Transport, and visit of the exhibition (2 shots) 00:00:11
10:00:42 Siim Kallas plugging an electric car (4 shots) 00:00:28
10:01:11 Man plugging electric car (2 shots) 00:00:14
10:01:25 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): It is a response to the business need to have a unified harmonized system, how to provide energy from different sources not only from oil, that is the main point. 00:00:17
10:01:43 General view of the press conference 00:00:04
10:01:47 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): Developing innovative and alternative fuels is an obvious way to make EU's economy more resource efficient and reduce our dependence on oil and develop a transport industry which is ready to response to the demand of 21st century. 00:00:18
10:02:06 Cutaway of a photographer 00:00:05
10:02:11 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): For electric vehicles, we are proposing that a minimum number of charging points is required in each EU Member States by 2020 and at least 10% of them should be publicly accessible. We also have to have one common plug for electric vehicles for one EU market. To end uncertainty in the market, we have agreed today that it will be the "Type 2" plug. 00:00:31
10:02:43 General view of the press conference 00:00:05
10:02:48 Soundbite by Siim Kallas (in ENGLISH): Other sectors' example is Liquefied Natural Gas. LNG is the only fuel that will reasonably allow ships and water transports to meet emission targets. Today, we are proposing that fuelling stations must be available for vessels in more than 140 of EU's major sea, rivers, canal and ports. 00:00:26
10:03:15 Cutaway of the audience 00:00:06
10:03:21 General view of the press conference 00:00:06
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