EU Science - Global Challenges Global Collaboration Conference: - extracts from the concluding plenary session

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A conference on EU research addressing the scientific response to global societal and economic challenges has being taken place all along this week. The concluding Plenary Session was held today in the EP. This conference brought together scientists and science policymakers from across 100 countries. The event was organised under the Irish Presidency of the Council with the ISC Intelligence in Science in conjunction with Sean Kelly (EPP, IE) and other MEPs. The purpose of the conference, that included the Plenary Sessions and some Technical Seminars, was to maximise the impact of Horizon 2020 in terms of global collaborative science and the scientific response to global societal challenges. It came at a crucial time for the future of R&D funding in Europe, when the EU's institutions are negotiating legislative proposals for this funding over the period 2014 to 2020, and the EC has proposed $80b in funding for Horizon 2020, the next Framework Programme for Research and Development, proposal that also include significant levels of support for R&D capacity building.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the EP, Brussels 00:00:05
00:00:10 Views in the meting room ahead the meeting, Artistic posters and cartoons 00:00:16
00:00:26 Arrival of Irish Prime minister - Taoiseach Enda Kenny 00:00:04
00:00:30 SOUNDBITE (English) George MILEY University of Leiden , NL "The result of a written declaration that was passed by the EP, one year ago, signed by 394 MEP's in support of using radio astronomy to stimulate capacity building in Africa. A partnership between Africa and Europe. 00:00:21
00:00:51 SOUNDBITE (English) David Byrne, former EU Commissioner on Future of Medicine "Health challenges and their related social economic implications are global, and because of that the future of medicine can only be efficiently and effectively addressed by applying an international and interdisciplinary scope. We heard that health care systems currently have no proper solutions in place in order to coop with such challenges. Countries lack sufficient strategies on how to finance health care on this expected developments". 00:00:31
00:01:22 SOUNDBITE (English) Enda KENNY Taoiseach "Horizon 2020 will be the world largest public research programme. The world largest! That's why is so important that we step up our efforts to maximise its impact and to unlock its full potential. Science is truly a international affair. The reality is that the frontier of knowledge in many fields has progressed up to point that the researches required to make further progress. Now requires responses that are international, that are networked, and that we can not do on our own. Our interconnectivity is nevermore important than now. 00:00:41
00:02:03 SOUNDBITE (English) Enda KENNY Taoiseach "On behalf of the Irish presidency I commend you there for the focus of the deliberations here, this week, are a crucial junction for European sciences. I believe that you provided us with an important direction for the months ahead and behind. Let me assure to you MEP Sean (KELLY (EPP, IE)), Alison, and everybody else: Ireland is interested in this and insure that the horizon 2020 becomes a reality for which you can compete to have founds for the future. And after all, the future is the only place where we all have to live. Thank you" . 00:00:42
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