EP Delegation on Refugees from Syria in Jordan (recorded 13/02/2013):

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- extracts from the press conference EP Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

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00:00:05 Exterior views of the EU delegation in Amman ; office of the EEAS representative (3 shots) 00:00:16
00:00:21 General views of the press conference room (7 shots) 00:00:36
00:00:57 SOUNDBITE (English) Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR (S&D, ES) Head of Delegation “The victims of the berated violence , the on going crises that has been raised in Syria and has turned out to be a civil war that has taken the lives of at least, reportedly, 60.000 people, but have displaced hundreds of thousands. May of those hundreds of thousands are here, in the Jordanian territory , under the protection, of the Jordanian authorities”. 00:00:39
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00:01:45 SOUNDBITE (English) Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR (S&D, ES) Head of Delegation We have visited the Al Zatar camp, where at least hundred thousand people are receiving support , protection, health care, education and primary response to the humanitarian needs. We have visited the registration centres , we have visited the station where the armed forces are patrolling and surveying the borer in order to check the situations are they chow up, a provide a response. We have examined the border with Syria. 00:00:48
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00:02:36 SOUNDBITE (English), Hubert PIRKER (EPP, AT) As we have heard, sometimes is happened that organised criminal groups are starting to operate, using the situation of the poor people there, stilling things and so on. Sometimes its happened that there is also a bit of violence in the camp. Therefore I would like to call to the Jordanian authorities to organise permanent presence of police forces to protect the refuges staying and living there. More than 60% of the refugees are children , so in that way there could be a bit of improvement. 00:00:54
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00:03:35 SOUNDBITE (English) Judith SARGENTINI (Greens/EFA, NL) There are a lot of female head of family . most of these women are married, but for clear circumstances their men are not present here in Jordan. They take care of little children, they take care of all the children, and they try to keep their dignity as much as possible , living on very little money , living on no money at all. Its these women that are trying to keep their family together, to keep themselves alive, keep the children well,, and trying to get the children back in to school . they try to keep a certain dignity. I think this is really crucial. I’ve seen his the international community work, how the Jordanian government, and the UNHCR try to help these women , but we also see it’s not enough . 00:00:50
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00:04:30 SOUNDBITE (English), Marian-Jean MARINESCU (EPP, RO) Jordan government is doing a lot and we will like to ask them to continue this effort , even if we know that its very difficult and complicated. I think that the best will be in this period not to close the border with Syria . in our opinion this will increase the pressure and the problems and at the same time the efforts that should be done to solve those problems. 00:00:30
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