European Council: - statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President on the outcome of the European Council

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Following the Council meeting (07/02)

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00:00:23 SOUNDBITE (DE) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: "I think this is visible that the member states have a lot of difficulties to find a compromise between themselves and I must admit a compromise on the basis of the lowest level, on the lowest common denominate will for sure be very difficult to find a majority at the European parliament. But it is too early to make a judgment, so first of all, we will compare the results of the negotiations if there will be a result with the requests of the European parliament, the Europe proposals. But for the time being, looking to the figures and to the structure of the proposed multi-annual budget, I fear that it is not possible to vote in favor. But once more, this is too early and I expect after my speech yesterday in the council, that the heads of states and governments will make an offer to the European parliament to discuss. I gave the suggestion to them, consider or not what you are agreeing here as the end a process, take it as the beginning of the process". 00:00:54
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00:01:18 SOUNDBITE (DE) Martin SCHULZ, EP President: "I think the situation when I met as the president of the European parliament with the heads of state and government half a year ago was worst. There is a slight improvement of the economic and monetary situation. Our currency the Euro is a strong currency. It is stronger than the dollar, stronger than the Chinese or the Japanese currency. There is a sort of progress but one thing is clear: there is a real gap in Europe between rich and poor member states and within the nations between rich and poor people, and we must fill the gap, this injustice, unjust distribution of … in the continent is unacceptable. And therefore a European budget which could improve the situation of the regions, which could support by the social fund, poor people which could contribute to investment in education, in research in, development and in international cooperation. This is a budget helping to come out of the crisis. Therefore I don't understand those who are telling us we must cut cut cut. We see in the member states that when we were submitted to a cut regime, it went to recession and i take as a witness the international monetary fund who just said: only cut is wrong, we must invest. The European budget is the best investment instrument we have." 00:01:02
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