Press conference by Harald Wögerbauer, Member of the Court of Auditors, on the EU Energy Efficiency

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End production: 14/01/2013   First transmission: 14/01/2013
On 14 January 2013, Harald Wögerbauer, Member of the Court of Auditors, gave a press conference following the publication of the ECA special report on the energy efficiency in the EU. The Court of Auditors assessed whether Cohesion Policy investments in energy efficiency were cost-effective. The Court found that the projects selected by Member State authorities for financing did not have rational objectives in terms of cost-effectiveness, i.e. cost per unit of energy saved. Their objectives were to save energy and improve comfort, but they were not selected for financing on the basis of their potential to produce financial benefits through energy savings, but rather that the buildings were typically regarded as being ‘ready’ for funding if they were in need of refurbishment and their documentation complied with the requirements.

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