Ministerial Accession Conference with Montenegro: Extracts from the press conference by Erato KOZAKOU-MARCOULLIS; Štefan FÜLE and Igor LUKSIC, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro

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The EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Council (SA Council) held its third meeting. The meeting of the SA Council took place two months after the presentation by the European Commission of its Enlargement Strategy Paper and Progress Report, and only one week after the adoption by the EU Council of important conclusions on Enlargement and the Stabilisation and Association Process. It also followed the formation of a new Montenegrin government. Against this background, the meeting provided a timely opportunity to review the overall state of relations between the EU and Montenegro, and more particularly the progress made by Montenegro in its preparations for accession.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE by Erato Kozakou-Marcouillis, Cyprus Minister of Foreign Affairs (In English) saying that: The Stabilization and Association Council welcomed the formation of a new government in Montenegro and expressed its confidence that this government would maintain the reform momentum. Montenegro's commitment to regional cooperation and its constructive role in maintaining regional stability were commanded. The Stabilization and Association Council encourage Montenegro to continue working towards finding mutually acceptable solutions to the pending border issues without other countries of the Western Balkans. 00:00:38
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00:00:54 SOUNDBITE by Erato Kozakou-Marcouillis (In English) saying that: Concerning the economic criteria, the Stabilization and Association Council welcomed the fact that despite the difficult economic context, Montenegro managed to broadly preserve its macro economic stability and encourage Montenegro to take appropriate measures notably to improve the business environment. The Stabilization and Association Council particularly welcome the progress made by Montenegro in the area of the judiciary and fundamental rights and encourage Montenegro to address remaining shortcomings. 00:00:38
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00:01:39 SOUNDBITE by Štefan Füle, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy (In English) saying that: I would also like to warmly congratulate the Montenegrin authorities for this achievement which has been made possible by their hard work. We have indeed seen substantial progress of Montenegro. Accession negotiations were opened in June, screening process is in full swing and the closure of the 1st negotiating chapter today marks the beginning of the substance of the accession negotiations. 00:00:29
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00:02:15 SOUNDBITE by Štefan Füle (In English) saying that: In this context I'm pleased to announce that the Commission has just allocated 21.3 millions Euros to support key reform areas including strengthening of the justice system and public administration, better protection of environment and rural development. 00:00:22
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00:02:44 SOUNDBITE by Igor Luksic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro (In English) saying that: Altogether I think we had very successful year for Montenegro with regards to the European integration process. Trough the middle of this year we opened accession talks and today we held first more substantive talks on chapter 25 which we opened and provisionally closed. I believe it's a very important day for Montenegro in the European integration process. 00:00:24
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00:03:15 SOUNDBITE by Igor Luksic (In English) saying that: I would like to assure everyone that Montenegro continues with the same commitments as even trough out the process of parliamentary elections; we did not stop in creating necessary negotiating structures to meet all the challenges lying ahead of the integration process. I hope that next year will be equally successful, we hope to open more chapter next year but we also hope to finalize drafting of the action plans to chapters 23 and 24. 00:00:32
00:03:47 Speakers leaving the press room 00:00:07
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