Judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU in the joined cases P Gbagbo v Council (C-478/11), P Koné v Council (C-479/11), P Boni-Claverie v Council (C-480/11), P Djédjé v Council (C-481/11), P N'Guessan v Council (C-482/11) on law governing the institutions

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End production: 19/12/2012   First transmission: 19/12/2012
On 19 December 2012, the Court of Justice of the EU issued the Advocate General’s Opinion in Joined Cases C-478/11 P Gbagbo v Council, C-479/11 P Koné v Council, C-480/11 P Boni-Claverie v Council, C-481/11 P Djédjé v Council, C-482/11 P N'Guessan v Council, on law governing the institutions.

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10:00:05 Exterior view of the Court of Justice of the EU 00:00:04
10:00:09 SOUNDBITE by Niilo Jääskinen, Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU, (in FRENCH) reading the following European Court of Justice opinion joined cases on law governing the institutions: C-478/11 P Gbagbo v Council; C-479/11 P Koné v Council; C-480/11 P Boni-Claverie v Council; C-481/11 P Djédjé v Council; C-482/11 P N'Guessan v Council. 00:01:04
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