General Affairs Council (GAC): extracts from the arrivals and doorsteps

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End production: 11/12/2012   First transmission: 11/12/2012
On 11 December, the General Affairs Council will try to agree on amendments to the statute of the European Court of Justice. The incoming Irish presidency will present its plans for implementation of the 2013 European Semester. The Council will prepare the European Council meeting on 13-14 December on the basis of draft conclusions and take note of a draft annotated agenda of the special European Council meeting on 7-8 February. It will endorse its 18 month programme prepared by the future Irish, Lithuanian and Greek presidencies and the High Representative, chair of the Foreign Affairs Council. Furthermore, the Council will adopt conclusions on enlargement and stabilisation and association process for the Western Balkans.

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00:00:05 Eamon Gilmore, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland 00:00:07
00:00:12 Maroš Šefcovic, EC Vice-President in charge of Interinstitutional Relations and Administration 00:00:10
00:00:22 Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and President-in-office of the Council 00:00:07
00:00:29 SOUNDBITE (in English) Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and President-in-office of the Council: More or lee, the conclusions are already agreed at the COREPER level. There are some issues to be resolved but I am optimistic that once again we will reaffirm our commitment to the enlargement process. Enlargement which is one of the most efficient means to promote peace, democracy and rule of law. 00:00:28
00:00:57 SOUNDBITE (in English) Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis: There are some remaining issues, two paragraphs on Serbia and Kosovo that remain to be discussed and also for the FYROM. So we will have a discussion but I am sure in a very good spirit of cooperation and constructive attitude and we will find a solution as always. 00:00:29
00:01:26 Nicolai Wammen, Danish Minister for European Affairs 00:00:10
00:01:36 SOUNDBITE (in English) Karel Schwarzenbergn, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic:(Do you support the Albania's candidate status?) Of course, I always did and we are looking to find an achievement. (Do you think that this time we are going to decide the opening negotiations or it is for 2013?) I hope it because they made so enormous progress. 00:00:43
00:02:19 Andreas Mavroyiannis, Cyprus Minister for European Affairs and President-in-office of the Council 00:00:07
00:02:26 SOUNDBITE (in English) Andreas Mavroyiannis: The General Affairs Council today, beyond the question of enlargement that we have every year in December, we have to prepare the Council of Thursday and Friday focussing mainly on Economic and Monetary Union. And then, we have a number of other issues on the table, one of them is the reform of the General Court. The other one is the stability and growth survey of the Commission, and the EU semester and also the new trio will present its 18 months program for newt year. 00:00:45
00:03:11 Nickolay Mladenov, Bulgarian Minister for Foreign Affairs 00:00:07
00:03:18 SOUNDBITE (in French) Jean Asselborn, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Luxemburg, saying that: I think the Albanian government and opposition need more time to find their role. And the EU is ready to open the negotiations when it will be suitable. I don't know whether we can spaek about a date neither for EU nor for Albania. 00:00:29
00:03:47 Alexander Stubb, Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade 00:00:05
00:03:52 SOUNDBITE (in German) Reinhold Lopatka, Austrain Secretary of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs saying that: Considering progress that have been made in FYROM, we have to stay positive because such progress have been made since 2005.We have to put a step forward in order not to lose our credibility. 00:00:39
00:04:31 End 00:00:00
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