Competitiveness Council (COMPET): extracts from the press conference (Industry) by the Cypriot Presidency and the European Union

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End production: 10/12/2012   First transmission: 10/12/2012
On 10 December, Neoklis Sylikiotis, Cypriot Minister for Energy affairs and President-in-office of the Council and Antonio Tajani, EC Vice-President in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship, held the press conference of the Competitiveness Council (Industry). The Council adopted conclusions on the second set of twelve priority proposals under the Single Market Act II. Following an assessment of the situation of the European industry, ministers approved conclusions on its contribution to growth and economic recovery. They addressed the specific situation of the automotive industry. They also exchanged views on the modernisation of the state aid rules and their impact on EU competitiveness in preparation for the reform of state aid policy to be carried out during 2013. At the customs policy part-session, the Council approved the launching of a customs action plan to combat intellectual property right infringements for the years 2013 to 2017. It also agreed on the basis for establishing an action programme for customs in the EU for the period 2014-2020, the "Customs 2020" programme. Finally, ministers approved conclusions on the evolution of the customs union and examined the way forward for the adoption of an update of the Union Customs Code in view of facilitating commercial exchanges.

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00:00:05 General view of press conference 00:00:06
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00:00:14 SOUNDBITE (in Greek) Neoklis Sylikiotis, Cypriot Minister for Energy affairs and President-in-office of the Council: The Member States and the Commission will be working together in the future to simplify the framework for State aid rules. We need to make sure that our objectives for economic growth and for employment can be achieved in an efficient and effective way and also that Member States are making efficient use of aid. 00:00:22
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00:00:40 SOUNDBITE (in Greek) Neoklis Sylikiotis saying that: We adopted Council's conclusion on the update of the industrial policy communication. So, this is a communication called a stronger economy and industry for growth and EU economic recovery. We focussed on a number of important economic areas; First of all boosting investment and innovative new technologies. Secondly, making it easier for business in the EU to benefit as much as possible from the international market and from their access to world market also. Thirdly, improving access to finance and fourthly improving investment in people and skills . 00:00:41
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00:01:26 SOUNDBITE (in Italian) Antonio Tajani, EC Vice-President in charge of Industry and Entrepreneurship: I am pleased to be able to thank all the Ministers today because this is an important day. We had an approval on a strategy on modern industrialisation of the EU. So this is a turning point, the Council made it clear. It is now possible for the EU Commission to continue it's ambitious objectives by 2020, 20% of the GDP can be in the manufacture sector. 00:00:47
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