Statement by EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard

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Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action, participates in the UN summit on climate change in Doha, Qatar. She gives an update on the state of the negotiations going on between the parties.

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00:00:36 STATEMENT by EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard (English): 48 hrs before they close it is always difficult to predict, but basically we are discussing the right stuff, how to add on to ambition, and how to help the developing countries to cope with challenges for instance through financing, so there is a constructive atmosphere in that sense but of course there are many different concerns and vows but I think the reason reports we have had from many many different sources have convinced people that we simply cannot afford to discuss formality and technicalities, now we must come to the political issue. How to add on to ambition and the EU has pressed the Qatari presidency very very hard to achieve that today. We had a 5 hours ministerial roundtable discussing exactly that and I hope that it will be fruitful because that is when you sort of cut out everything else, that is what matters. Are we doing more? Or are we doing not more, are we doing less. In Europe, we are doing more and we think the others should do as well. 00:01:01
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