United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting in Doha/COP 18: joint press conference by Connie Hedegaard and Matthias Groote

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End production: 05/12/2012   First transmission: 05/12/2012
On 5 December 2012, Connie Hedegaard, Member of the EC in charge of Climate Action, and Matthias Groote, Member of the EP, participated in the United Nations' climate change conference (COP18) in Doha, Qatar. On this occasion, they gave a joint press conference and urged all countries to move forward together to combat climate change.

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10:00:00 Connie Hedegaard, Member of the EC in charge of Climate Action, and Matthias Groote, Member of the EP, being introduced at the beginning of the United Nations' climate change conference (COP18) in Doha, Qatar 00:00:27
10:00:27 Soundbite by Matthias Groote (in ENGLISH): Thank you very much. Let me start with a metaphor. Every car has a specific braking distance; the sooner you react, the less work you need. We have the same with the climate policy, for the planet, the braking distance is more than 20 years. In order to avoid a climate disaster we need to push hard on the brakes now. The more we wait, the more it will cost. And this is also one of the main topics I want to mention today. It is all about finance. Finance will make the deal in Doha. The economic crisis must be not used as a pretext for refusing funding for adaptation measures in developing countries. In this COP18 Summit, financing will be the key to bring developing countries on board for deal. Financing is the key if we expect the move from Kyoto to a new global agreement binding all countries on reduction commitments. Developing a low-carbon emission economy can be a step forward to resolving the crisis. The issue here is about what will happen after 2020. But there are also more urgent needs. One problem is the fast track financing. It will end this year. This is a burning issue and this needs to be addressed and needs to be solved as soon as possible. We have to work towards identifying funding for the period 2014-2020 and I welcome the announcement of UK but also of Germany. They made commitments to finance the thing and I must say as a Parliamentarian, as Chairman of the Environmental Committee, this must happen in a really transparent way so that the public can also follow these things and debates on financing because it is really necessary. New innovative sources need to be examined. The European Parliament spoke in favour for air transport in the international debate and also in finance transaction tax. It could be used for financing adaptation and tackle climate change and I will underline that it is our political will that the aviation sector and also the maritime sector is being negotiated and included. Many negative impacts are responsible also on financing and taxation and the Parliament adopted in the resolution of last plenary session in Strasbourg that we want to face out the financing of fossil fuels and we need more progress taxation on fossil fuels otherwise it is not possible to face them out to have a shift towards renewable energies and we debated it today inside the European Parliament. Technology and alternatives are still available. We need a political will to introduce them into our economy and have a shift towards a sustainable economy worldwide. This is also the opportunity for Europe to solve our problems and, worldwide, to solve our problems on a growing population. We need to have a shift and it is really urgent because time is money and especially in climate question. We have to act now and we have to debate on financing. 00:04:23
10:04:51 Soundbite by the moderator (in ENGLISH) inviting Connie Hedegaard to take the floor 00:00:02
10:04:53 Soundbite by Connie Hedegaard (in ENGLISH) on the ambition gap, climate financing, substantial commitments, grants to support developing countries, and on the call by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, for a meeting with world leaders to happen in 2014. 00:06:54
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