Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online, Ministerial Conference: joint opening address by Cecilia Malmström and Eric Holder

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End production: 05/12/2012   First transmission: 05/12/2012
On 5 December 2012, Cecilia Malmström, Member of the EC in charge of Home Affairs, together with Eric Holder, US Attorney General, launched a Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online. This initiative aims to unite efforts around the world to more effectively combat online sexual crimes against children. Ministers and high-level officials from the 27 Member States of the EU as well as representatives from 21 non-EU countries (Albania, Australia, Cambodia, Croatia, Georgia, Ghana, Japan, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Serbia, Republic of Corea, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States and Vietnam) participated in this conference.
This video shows the opening adress by Cecilia Malmström and Eric Holder.

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10:00:00 Statement by Cecilia Malmström, Member of the EC in charge of Home Affairs (in ENGLISH) thanking the ministers from the 48 countries present today to combat the child sexual abuse online; a year ago she met with Eric Holder, US Attorney General, on this subject and they reached the conclusion that a global response was needed to combat this global problem; today, they met to start a global alliance against child sexual abuse online. 00:03:51
10:03:51 Statement by Eric Holder, US Attorney General (in ENGLISH) that children must be protected from the risks of anonymous predators; these criminals use techniques to avoid the action of the authorities, particularly through the trade in illegal images; the protection of children has always one of his professional and personal priorities; the United States wishes to strengthen its framework for combating this epidemic, it wants to raise awareness of the population and the entire Obama administration is ready to combat these threats that target children; he explains the structures already in place in the United States to combat the sexual abuse of children online and the projects planned; he speaks about the success of the operations conducted by the United States; the threats against children are growing and developing; they are there to lay the foundations for a more effective international legal framework, the aim of which will be to allow investigators and public ministers of the various countries to work together to close these "businesses" that exploit child pornography. 00:07:27
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