Debate on the Future of Europe, in Naples: vox pops

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End production: 30/11/2012   First transmission: 01/12/2012
On 30 November 2012, László Andor, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, participated in the Citizens' Dialogue event in Naples, Italy. This video shows extracts of the interviews of some young people.

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10:00:05 Soundbite by a Italian citizen (in ITALIAN) saying that this evening the EU Commissioner and the Mayor of Naples, De Magistris were here; saying that they asked some questions and he hopes these questions would be taken into consideration at the high levels of European Union in order to get to some results and thus some solutions. 00:00:21
10:00:26 Soundbite by a Italian citizen (in ITALIAN) saying that she understood that they are actually doing something, trying to find some solutions not only for them but for the whole Europe; saying that they also try to get up Italy to the high standards of Germany and France, which are quite higher than Italy and definitely than Naples, in its every day life situation. 00:00:22
10:00:48 Soundbite by a Italian citizen (in ITALIAN) saying that this is a very good way to get in touch to people: giving them the chance to communicate with people above them and to feel at the same level with them. He thinks it is right to communicate with people who have more power than they do and thus he felt they were at the same level. 00:00:13
10:01:01 Soundbite by a Italian citizen (in ITALIAN) saying that she has been feeling close to Europe for a long time, because she has been working on these issues for quite a long; she goes to Brussels, she follows these issues closely, especially in terms of European youth policies. Therefore, she can appreciate fully this event that the Commission decided to organize. 00:00:21
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