European Commission sets out Europe's path to prosperity within the planet's ecological limits: Extracts from the Midday statement by Janez POTOČNIK, Member of the EC in charge of Environment

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The European Commission today put forward a proposal for an Environment Action Programme (EAP) to guide EU environment policy up to 2020. Coming shortly after its recommendations for short term growth, which emphasise the need for ensuring not just the growth of today, but also tomorrow, the Commission has now made proposals aimed at protecting nature, stimulating sustainable growth, creating new jobs and setting Europe on a path to prosperity and health within the limits of the planet.

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00:00:08 SOUNDBITE by Janez Potočnik, Member of the EC in charge of Environment (In English) saying that: We must protect, conserve and enhance our natural capital on which so much of our economic activity depend, besides implementing our 2020 strategy we intend to we identified some gaps that need to be fulfilled, field like soil and land use and areas where there is room for improvement including the forestry policy. 00:00:25
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00:00:36 SOUNDBITE by Janez Potočnik (In English) saying that: We want to put in place the right conditions for single market forresource-efficient low-carbon growth. That should be the core of the green economy we want to create; this means fully implementing the climate and energy package and agreeing the next steps for climate policy beyond 2020 including implementation of the low carbon roadmap by 2015. 00:00:25
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00:01:04 SOUNDBITE by Janez Potočnik (In English) saying that: We must tackle environmental related challenges to health, making sure that we are prepared for new and also for emerging risks. Here the focus is on updating air quality, noise and water legislation, addressing concerns linked to chemicals and nano-materials. 00:00:19
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00:01:27 SOUNDBITE by Janez Potočnik (In English) saying that: The program aims to help European Union cities become more sustainable and ensure we have the right capacity to tackle regional and global challenges. This includes follow-up of the Rio+20 conference such as setting the target for marine litter as agreed in Rio earlier this year. 00:00:21
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