Extracts from the press conference by László Andor on EURES jobseeker mobility network improved by the EC

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End production: 26/11/2012   First transmission: 26/11/2012
On 26 November 2012, a Decision to modernise and improve EURES, the pan-EU job search network, has been adopted by the European Commission. The Decision will help to increase mobility of workers across Member States and pave the way for a true European labour market. The EURES reform aims to make it easier for jobseekers to contact employers looking for particular skills, to focus on sectors and occupations with skills shortages and to support targeted mobility schemes for young people. This video shows extracts of the press conference given by László Andor, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

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10:00:05 Arrival of László Andor, Member of the EC in charge of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 00:00:02
10:00:07 Soundbite by László Andor (in ENGLISH): The European Commission has just adopted a decision to improve the pan European jobs search network that is called EURES. As you know, the European mobility has increased and will continue to increase and fundamentally this is a good thing. It is about rights of the citizens, opportunities for individual workers and also lot of benefits for our economies. 00:00:29
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10:00:42 Soundbite by László Andor (in ENGLISH): With this reform we are also working to worth the creation of a truly pan European labour market. This is also an important element of crisis response. Clearly, we need to find solutions to the current unemployment crisis. There are about 25 million of people unemployed in European Union. Such levels of unemployment are clearly unacceptable. 00:00:26
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10:01:17 Soundbite by László Andor (in ENGLISH): Improving mobility for jobseekers between Member States can also help to reduce unemployment notably for people that are prepared to move to another European country to find a job. The improved EURES network will aim to help people who are ready to move to another country to identify where suitable job vacancies exist and to help employers to find suitably skilled workers. At present, EURES comprises 31 European public employment services and the EURES Job mobility portal sets up 150 000 contacts per month between jobseekers and employers. 00:00:42
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10:02:07 Soundbite by László Andor (in ENGLISH): Private Job search organizations will be included in the system for the first time. So the EURES will include more vacancies than at present. And finally, the reform will make EURES more user friendly with effective on line matching tools. The web portal will maximize the quality of the match between job seekers and their skills and employers and their vacancies. 00:00:26
10:02:33 Departure of László Andor 00:00:07
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