Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (EYCS): extracts from the press conference by George DEMOSTHENOS and Androulla VASSILIOU

Type: News   Reference: 90365   Duration: 00:02:40  Lieu: Brussels, Belgium - Council/Justus Lipsius
End production: 27/11/2012   First transmission: 27/11/2012
The Council adopted conclusions on the contribution of education and training to economic recovery, growth and jobs, which seek not simply to underline but also to strengthen the key role of education and training in the framework of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The European Council has consistently emphasised the need for member states, while pursuing the consolidation of public finances, to ensure efficient investment in education and training as a "growth-friendly area". At national level, the conclusions furthermore emphasise the need to ensure targeted and efficient investment, to improve the quality and status of teachers, and to develop skills in line with labour market requirements. At European level, they encourage the education and training sector to play a more prominent role in implementing the education and training aspects of Europe 2020, by ensuring that education ministers regularly debate European Semester-related issues and by promoting cooperation between the Education Committee and the Employment Committee and other relevant committees.

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00:00:14 SOUNDBITE (in Greek) by George Demosthenos, Cypriot Minister of education and Culture: We are working for a better Europe. A better European Union which means more for their citizens and for the world and more effective Union that will contribute to sustainable development, social cohesion and creation of jobs by more effective approaches. 00:00:22
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00:00:40 SOUNDBITE (in Greek) by George Demosthenos: We adopted the following resolutions: firstly resolution of the Council ion the overview of the structural dialog with young people on youth participation on democratic live in Europe. We also adopted the drafts conclusions on the participation and social inclusion of young people with emphasis in those with migrant background. 00:00:40
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00:01:26 SOUNDBITE (in Greek) by George Demosthenos: The aim of today's guidance of the policy debate that took place was mobility and diversity and how to ensure social inclusion. We had an exchange of views between the Member States with the view to concluding draft measures to enhance policies including social integration of the young on the basis of understanding and respect for each other. 00:00:28
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00:01:59 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Androulla Vassiliou, Member of the EC in charge of Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth: Youth unemployment for us is our major concern, but not only the unemployment itself but also the consequences of unemployment that is the social exclusion and the poverty of young people. That is why I am very pleased that we have this structure dialogue with young people but also in the course of the deliberations of the Council, these were important items on our agenda. 00:00:28
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