EP vote on Transparency of measures regulating the prices of medicinal products for human use: - extracts from the report Antonyia PARVANOVA (ALDE, BG), recorded on Monday 4/02 - extracts from the vote

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End production: 05/02/2013   First transmission: 05/02/2013
More transparency and specific time limits for EU countries' decisions on the pricing and reimbursement of medicines are needed to improve patients' access to affordable treatments and remove barriers to getting medicines to market, says draft legislation voted today.

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00:00:10 Extracts from the debate on Monday 04/02 - SOUNDBITE (English) Antonyia PARVANOVA (ALDE, BG), Rapporteur: "Our objective has been to strike a balance between the need to set up common transparency and procedure requirements, while guarantying legal certainty and flexibility for competent national authorities and with one principle in mind: accessibility and affordability of medicines for all. We therefore call for clear timelines for the prizing and reimbursement of innovative products, together with the opportunity to health technology assessment." 00:00:27
00:00:37 Extracts from the debate on Monday 04/02 - SOUNDBITE (English) Antonyia PARVANOVA (ALDE, BG), Rapporteur: "New provisions have also been introduced by the European Parliament for more transparency in the decision making process with the requirement to publish the names and declarations of interest of experts, as well as an annual list of prizes per products". 00:00:16
00:00:53 Extracts from the debate on Monday 04/02 - SOUNDBITE (English) Antonyia PARVANOVA (ALDE, BG), Rapporteur: "Of course member states are and should remain fully responsible in defining the prices and reimbursement of medicines but this does not contradict with the necessity of setting transparent and fair rules on how these decisions are being taken since they will have an impact on both the functioning of the internal market and accessibility and availability of treatment for patients". 00:00:22
00:01:15 Extracts from the debate on Monday 04/02 - SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio TAJANI, Commissioner: "We must also underline that the Commission's aim is to modernise a directive and therefore it wouldn't be acceptable to go backtrack on the current situation prevailing today. So, we welcome the Environment Committee's report and we accept the bulk of the amendments, more specifically in terms of the temporary period, the Commission can accept the amendments simplifying the situation with a 180 days period for the prize setting and the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals. In terms of generics pharma-products, it is important to restate that for those drugs shorter time periods are required because their characteristics were already well known". 00:00:48
00:02:03 Extracts from the vote on 06/02 - Chair President launching the vote 10:00:10
10:02:13 Views duing the vote, e-vote Tota: 685 in favour 559 against 054 abstention 072 Resolution adopted ( 5 shots) 00:00:25
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