Debate on the future of the European Union with François HOLLANDE, President of the French Republic: - extracts from the second round of political group leaders - extracts from the answers by François HOLLANDE

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End production: 05/02/2013   First transmission: 05/02/2013
The President of the French Republic, François HOLLANDE, was invited today by the EP President Martin SCHULZ to visit the EP and to debate with MEPs. This was the first visit that the President of the French Republic made to the European Parliament since he was elected in May 2012,

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the EP, Strasbourg 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (French) Patrick LE HYARIC (GUE/NGL , FR) "Budgetary austerity is being applied, wage of austerity is happening in France, and trough out Europe. It's always said that is in the favour of competitiveness. But its something that undermine democratic rights and work in general . When we talk about Euro's value, don't you think that actually is a handicap to competitiveness. Its destroying jobs, and competitiveness. Isn't it high time to try to change the role of the EBC? 00:00:31
00:00:41 SOUNDBITE (English) Nigel FARAGE (EFD, UK) "On the bases that your employment minister said the country is bankrupt, what do you do? Well the old thing, you lunch a foreign military intervention. So your troops go out to Mali, and yes its very good to see smiling faces in Timbuktu for the moment, but you've done this on behalf of the EU. It is now an EU Mission". 00:00:22
00:01:03 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin CALLANAN (ECR, UK) "You do not allow socialism militant trade unionism to interfere with the proper functioning of the single market". 00:00:10
00:01:13 SOUNDBITE (French) Daniel COHN-BENDIT (Verts/ALE , FR) "The energy Europe has been sacrificed in this budget, as have renewable energies. There are lots of examples where we pooling everything down with and we are not achieving anything. Jacques Delors said that the budget have to be increased by 20%, and Helmut Schmitz said that there is a need of a revolution in the budget. We need a compromise between the Council and the Parliament, and that compromise is not one we are going to find today. Let's open up the discussion, open up the debate, and than in 2014, after the elections, the EU multiannual financial framework which will be approved democratically by the EP". 00:00:45
00:01:58 SOUNDBITE (French) Marielle DE SARNEZ (ALDE, FR) "Obviously, Europe is not able to decide, and that's the weakness which is giving right towards all these doubts. Europe isn't taking any decision, despite all the meetings its has. We need a Europe where decisions are taken!" 00:00:12
00:02:10 SOUNDBITE (French) Catherine TRAUTMANN (S&D , FR) We can't defend only the interest of one member state, and there fore we need a common CFDP , for the whole of Europe. 00:00:19
00:02:29 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (PPE , FR) "The present system to finance the EU is the most unjust and unfair that exists. Five of the richest countries pay relatively less than the 10 poorest ones and they are all new member states. Parliament proposed an overall reform based on new own resources, and we are pleased with your position on that". 00:00:19
00:02:48 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (PPE , FR) "Reducing for the next 7 years cohesion found expenditure for countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, these countries need Europe now more than ever before. They are suffering more than ever before, they made more sacrifices than ever before, and now we are deciding to help them even less! Of course they do not have the political means to stand up and defend themselves". 00:00:26
00:03:14 SOUNDBITE (French) François HOLLANDE French President "You are asking a socialist to stop the conservatives coming up with a poor budget. Thank you for the trust you placed in me. It's really does show the difference between your position and that of your governments. I have to say here today that the socialist and democrats are a minority in the European Council." 00:00:39
00:03:53 SOUNDBITE (French) François HOLLANDE French President "I can't deny the fact that many heads of governments defend mainly their national interests over and above European interests, but, I can not accept that France, today, will be ready to sacrifice growth at the altar of the CAP . The CAP will see a drop in its appropriations, as compared to the Commission proposal. That will mean difficult restructuring in a sector which is absolutely essential in our country". 00:00:43
00:04:36 SOUNDBITE (French) François HOLLANDE French President "This budget - whatever will comes out of it - should have exceptional measures for young people. We need to be able to follow up with these policies, in all countries of Europe. So we want to insure that every young person can see a way out, that they can have qualification, can have a job, that they can integrate in to society. There is a real risk of generational detachment here". 00:00:30
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