EP vote on Sound level of motor vehicles: - extracts from the report Miroslav R OUZKÝ (ECR, CZ) - recorded on Tuesday 05/02 - extracts from the vote

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European Parliament voted today on new noise limits for cars and lorries. According to research by the European Environmental Agency, half of the people living in urban areas suffer from unbearable traffic noise. Noise limits have not been updated since 1996.Persistent exposure to high levels of traffic noise could severely exhaust people, disrupt organs' proper functioning and lead to the development of cardiovascular and other diseases. The Commission proposes to reduce the noise produced by passenger cars and lorries.The new noise limits would first apply to new vehicles being approved. The new limits would be lowered in two steps, namely two and five years after the new rules have come into force. For conventional cars the limit would be reduced from 72 decibels to 70 and finally 68, for heavy trucks it would be lowered from 81 to 80 and then 78. Rapporteur Miroslav Ouzk (CZ, ECR) insisted there should be only one reduction six years after the new rules have come into force, and EPP warn not to focus only on vehicles as origine of the noise problem, as infrastructure, roads and tyres are also co-responsible, and furthermore considering the actual difficulties of the car industry. S&D and Green/EFA MEPs on the other hand pointed out that lowering noise in vehicles would cost only 60 euros per passenger vehicle, and that benefits both for job creation in the car industry as wll as for public health financing would largely exceed the industry costs. VOTING : total voters: 649 in favor 401 against 228 abstention 20 RESOLUTION ADOPTED

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00:00:05 EXTERIOR SHOT of the European Parliament, Strasbourg 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (Czech) Miroslav R OUZKÝ (ECR, CZ), Rapporteur English Translation : "This report is aimed at increasing the protection of health of the public from the negative impact of noise. Adverse impacts of noise are scientifically proved. So health protection is necessary here. The Commission proposal is only focused on noise created by engines, trucks or motor vehicles which is at the detriment of the entire report. My idea was more comprehensive from the very beginning. I am convinced this legislation should also look into road surface, quality of tyres, aerodynamics noise and traffic control." 00:00:48
00:00:58 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio TAJANI, European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship English Translation : "The real challenge behind this proposal lies in striking a fair balance between three lines : environmental protection, the cost and time for industry, and international competiveness." 00:00:16
00:01:14 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Antonio TAJANI, European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship "The proposal is that sound levels should be reduced by 4 decibels for light vehicles and 3 for heavy vehicles. The proposal we're looking at today reduces by 25% the number of people who are seriously disturbed by noise from vehicles if passed. And according to the impact assessment the benefit for society are 20% above the cost supported by industry." 00:00:26
00:01:40 SOUNDBITE (French) Gilles PARGNEAUX (S&D, FR), TRAN Committee English Translation : "The TRAN Committee opinion is proposing the introduction of new levels threshold but over a longer laps, with a reduction of 4 decibels within 8 years, which means 2 dB less after the implementation of the rule, and 2 further decibels 6 years later, thresholds to be confirmed 8 years later to all the vehicles put on the market." 00:00:23
00:02:03 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Salvatore TATARELLA (EPP, IT) English translation : "At the same time, we should not kill off motorcar industry, particularly not at this moment in time, when the car industry is living through very difficult times. Noise is a combination of several factors, not only the cars. The level of infrastructure in town as well contribute quite significantly in noise. We can't play everything on cars." 00:00:29
00:02:32 SOUNDBITE (Dutch) Judith A. MERKIES (S&D, NL) English translation : "About 50 000 heart attack can be directly attributed to noise pollution. And these are particularly people on a low income, that live very close to busy roads, that live in very dense populated cities, near motorways, those are the ones, they are the most vulnerable people." 00:00:25
00:02:57 SOUNDBITE (Dutch) Judith A. MERKIES (S&D, NL) English translation : "A lot of noise barrier have been set up, all over Europe, with the help of structural countries; Some countries have seen huge sound barriers set up, but it's easier actually to tackle the source of this noise pollution, and that is cars. It's actually not very expensive, 60os per passenger car, 750 euros per lorry that's all it takes to make a huge change here. We're constantly spouting for the European Union about creating jobs, innovation, but we want to put our money where our mouth is, now. And perhaps Commissioner you can say something about it ? This impact assessment it sais very clearly that you're not expecting jobs to be lost, here, you expect jobs to be created." 00:00:59
00:03:56 Chair President launching the vote. Views during the vote ( 8 shots) total voters: 649 in favor 401 against 228 abstention 20 resolution adopted 00:00:34
00:04:30 END 00:00:00
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