Amendment of Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications: - vote and statement by Bernadette VERGNAUD (S&D, FR) EP Committee on Internal Market and Consumer protection

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End production: 23/01/2013   First transmission: 23/01/2013
The Committee of Internal Market and Services voted today on a proposal of the French Bernadette VERGNAUD from the S&D group, to make it easier to get professional qualifications recognised in other Member States. Even if mobility within the EU of qualified professionals is recognised as a right for Europeans, a Eurobarometer poll in 2010 showed that just a 28% of EU citizens consider the fact of working abroad. This proposal on the recognition of professional qualifications is made to ensure that European citizens will actually benefit from fundamental freedoms of the internal market and respond to the needs of Member States increasing shortages of skilled workers, in particular in sectors such as health, education, construction or business services.

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00:00:33 Bernadette VERGNAUD (S&D, France), in FRENCH: "You see that currently, in the middle of this economic and social crisis, mobility is not a luxury any more. Sometimes, it is a need for many young persons from countries in difficulties. I think it is our duty to render this mobility more secure, both for professionals and for citizens. 00:00:27
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00:02:02 Bernadette VERGNAUD (S&D, France), in FRENCH: "I am rather satisfied about today's vote because it is the end of a one and a half year's work of the Parliament and with the support of the Commission. Regarding the professinal card that I started to introduce in the debates as early as 2007, it was not obvious at the begining even if this idea was very dear to me because it is a very strong tool of European citizenship and to guarantee a more secure mobility for the young professionals, which are currently obliged to go an look for work abroad, so this is an issue I was very interested in. We won on this point, we secured this professional card which will allow the internal market to accentuate its IMI system which will also apply to other services." 00:00:45
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