Financing, management and monitoring of the CAP: - statement by Giovanni LA VIA (EPP, IT) EP Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

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End production: 24/01/2013   First transmission: 24/01/2013
The Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development voted today on a report of Giovanni LA VIA, from the EPP group, about a proposal for regulation for a reform to one of the oldest policies of the EU: the CAP. This is about the Financing, Management and Monitoring the CAP and the main aim is to ensure that the action taken is more effective and in order to promote efficient use of resources, making farming in the EU a more competitive sector; protect and create jobs, and help to secure the balanced development of rural areas. It has been recognized that farmers need to be given more comprehensive assistance extending to market and innovation-related issues in order to enable them to understand and make use of the tools they have in power to become more competitive. CAP funding and CAP management will be put together to create practical tools that could be easily used by farmers and provide clear benefits for the EU citizens. This regulation should create a system flexible enough to cope with the requirements of the market and any contingency that could disrupt the procedures, so to be sure that failings and the responsibilities of those are detected at an earlier stage, guarantying that it is not always the final beneficiary who gets penalized. Action will be taken also to control these responsibilities in order to make them proportional not just to the infringement committed, but also to the extent of the delay and the degree of responsibility that may be attributed to the farmer.

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00:01:25 SOUNDBITE (English) Giovanni LA VIA (EPP, IT) "It is very important that we have a full vote in Favour of the rapport because we are going to a simplification, reduction of bureaucracy. We want to give money with less control to the farmers, and we want also to so a more simple CAP. For this reason wed cut something that it is difficult to apply. We want to have greening without sanctions if the farmers are not going to apply the greening. They will have a basic payment. For this reason we reduced the level of sanctions only to the level of a greening component till the 30 of the total payment". 00:00:48
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