Common organisation of the markets in agricultural products (Single CMO Regulation): - statement by Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR) EP Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development EPRef 90159 // European Parliament , Brussels, room JAN 6Q2

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The Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development voted today on a report of Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR) -. This particular proposal is the Single CMO regulation, which set rules for a common organization of the markets in agricultural products. The aim of this proposal is to streamline, simplify and adapt provisions on the basis of experience on public intervention, private storage, exceptional/emergency measures and aid to specific sectors.

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00:01:34 SOUNDBITE (French) by Michel DANTIN (EPP,FR), EP Rapporteur, SOUNDBITE by Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR), EP rapporteur, "I have done my job as rapporteur. All my proposals have passed with a majority. Each of the compromise that I have proposed about 20, some have passed with 95 % of the vote, and none of them passed with less than 65%. What counts is that in the eyes of the other institutions , and also the other members of this Parliament, the AGRI Committee sent a clear sign, a strong sign to show that beyond the market structures it wished to reinforce the power of the producers ion the food chain and that is also wanted the producers to gain ownership of the tools at their disposal to empower them in their negotiations" 00:00:53
00:02:27 SOUNDBITE by Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR), EP rapporteur, "I propose to extend the strength of the farmers when they structure themselves together as in a cooperative to negotiate with buyers. It is important because in the past we've seen in some instances that competition authorities, who have different interpretations of European texts, could sanction initiatives meant to empower producers. The report offers clarification. It is the wish of the AGRI Committee. Therefore if voted in Plenary, farmers will be able to structure themselves with a clear definition of the rule s ahead of their project." 00:01:00
00:03:27 SOUNDBITE by Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR), EP rapporteur, "On Milk quotas, I confirm that there is no majority anymore to keep the quota's system, .therefore milk quotas will end by 2015 as planned" 00:00:15
00:03:42 SOUNDBITE by Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR), EP rapporteur, "for sugar, in 2006 when this sector was reformed, it had been decided to give it a bit more time until full liberalisation of that market. Despite important evolution, We realised that sugar sector still needs a bit more time before liberalisation . The Parliament, therefore proposes to keep the quotas until 2020 for the very last time. 00:00:35
00:04:17 SOUNDBITE by Michel DANTIN (EPP, FR), EP rapporteur, " as for the domination of some we need to clarify a bit. the report proposes to better define what is a dominant position. The report confirms that if you are in a dominant position, you can be sanctioned, but the report also proposes a definition which says that as long as you are not bigger than your largest client your are not in a dominant position. Frankly I don't see in the near future any agricultural organization being as big as someone like Carrefour , or Leclerc to mention a few examples 00:00:36
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