Direct payments to farmers under support schemes within the framework of the CAP: - statement by Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS (S&D, PT), rapporteur EP Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development EPRef90157 // European Parliament , Brussels

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End production: 23/01/2013   First transmission: 23/01/2013
The EP's Agriculture and Rural Development committee is voting today four reports concerning the reform of the CAP, including almost 8000 amendments. One of these proposals concerns the direct payments to farmers under support schemes within the framework of the CAP, and has been voted from a report of Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS(S&D, PT). This proposal for regulation aims to continue with the current policy framework while addressing its most important shortcomings, such as distribution of the direct payments, which will be granted only to entities whose agricultural activities constitute the main or a major portion of their activities. It entitles also major policy changes in the form of enhancing targeting and greening of direct payment - give money to protect certain environmental and animal welfare -, and will also phase out progressively the amount of money transferred, given that it would help to create and preserve jobs in rural areas. This proposal will reinforce strategic targeting for rural development policy in better coordination with other EU policies, and will ensure that no MS receive less than 65% of the EU average, giving support for young farmers and for small farmers, not always big companies.

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00:00:00 Title 00:00:05
00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliament, Brussels 00:00:05
00:00:10 Cutaways on AGRI documents (8000 amendments) "CAPOULAS Direct Payments" (2 shots) 00:00:11
00:00:21 Arrival of MEPS to the AGRI Committee room, door sign 00:00:06
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00:00:36 Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS 00:00:07
00:00:43 Paolo DE CASTRO, Chair of the AGRI Committee 00:00:03
00:00:46 Paolo DE CASTRO addresses the Committee members 00:00:15
00:01:01 Members listening 00:00:08
00:01:09 Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS listening 00:00:05
00:01:14 Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS addresses his colleagues to thank them for a good collaboration in preparing the report 00:00:15
00:01:29 voting documents 00:00:03
00:01:32 Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS voting 00:00:07
00:01:39 Members voting (9 shots) 00:00:56
00:02:35 SOUNDBITE (French) Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS, (S&D, PT), EP rapporteur," I am very satisfied because all the compromises that I introduced were approved with a vast majority" 00:00:08
00:02:43 SOUNDBITE (French) Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS, (S&D, PT), EP rapporteur, "In the future we will have a greener agriculture but we will be able to maintain its competitiveness as well. The problem we have is how to balance our desire to have a greener agriculture, a more ecological one and at the same time save the competitiveness and the income of farmers and I think we stroke a right balance. The CAP will thus include a large greening component in the first pillar , in the second pillar as well, but we will also make our farmers life easier . All the farmers with less than 10 hectares won't be submitted to all the bureaucracy and this is a bonus as regards the European agricultural sector" 00:01:06
00:03:49 SOUNDBITE (French) Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS, (S&D, PT), EP rapporteur, "For the first time we will establish a ceiling as regards direct aid to large size farms. This is a very important step because until today it had not been possible. We will a simpler CAP, a greener one but also a more fair CAP, between member states and fair among farmers as well because we will introduce mechanism for a more balanced aid system internally because as you may now there are large differences between Member states, some get an average of 450 Euros per ha, others receive only 100 Euros per ha. 00:00:56
00:04:45 SOUNDBITE (French) Luis Manuel CAPOULAS SANTOS, (S&D, PT), EP rapporteur," We are also introducing news measures to support small young and new ideas and incentives . to stimulate and facilitate the activity of new farmers." 00:00:13
00:04:58 END 00:00:00
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