Economic Dialogue and exchange of views with Vittorio GRILLI, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance:

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- extracts from the statement by Vittorio GRILLI, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance EP Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

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00:00:05 Exterior shot of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, (1 shot) 00:00:05
00:00:10 Interior, Atmosphere before the opening of the exchange of views, (4 shots) 00:00:15
00:00:25 SOUNDBITE (English): Vittorio GRILLI, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance: "Despite the positive outlook of the second part of 2013 we cannot be satisfied, the expected rate of growth will not be indeed sufficient to ensure as sustainable job growth." 00:00:14
00:00:39 SOUNDBITE (Italian): Vittorio GRILLI, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance: "We have managed to meet what was expected from us in terms of structural reforms. Italy had been penalised compared to other advanced countries by the fact that there it is a crisis of confidence in Italy in the market. We are going to have to reduce our debt to 2.4 percent of GDP by 2014 and in 2013 we are hoping to see more of a recovery, the later part of the year and that will be good for investment and employment." 00:00:58
00:01:37 SOUNDBITE (Italian): Vittorio GRILLI, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance: "We expect to have a balanced, structurally balanced starting this year although at the moment we have a small deficit. We are trying to switch the bulk of the tax burden from labour and consumption to other areas, particular investment. So we are hoping to be able to reduce taxes in the long term by this means and we want to improve productivity and to make it easier to start of business as well." 00:00:39
00:02:16 "We also have introduced strategic goals for a budget over the past few months, we want to facilitate investment with private capital, we also want to stimulate small business in Italy. So starting this year, all payments must be made within 30 days, or 60 days in exceptional circumstances, this is under European directive which we intend to write international law this year." 00:00:39
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