EP vote on Modification of Parliament's calendar of part-sessions - 2013: - extracts from the vote

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MEPs voted Wednesday on a new European Parliament calendar, with 12 plenary part-sessions of equal duration in Strasbourg in 2013, as ruled by the European Court of Justice. In its ruling of 13 December 2012, the Court annulled Parliament's vote of 9 March 2011 on the calendar of part-sessions for 2012 and 2013, in a case brought by the French Republic and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Court ruled that the 12 "ordinary plenary part-sessions" must be of equal duration and reiterated that only the member states have the legal power to change the seat of the institutions. Approved calendar of part sessions for 2013: 14-17 January, 4-7 February, 11-14 March, 15-18 April, 20-23 May, 10-13 June, 1-4 July, 9-12 September, 7-10 October, 21-24 October, 18-21 November, 9-12 December. The resolution was approved by 494 votes to 147, with 50 abstentions.

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