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Statements by Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE,BE) ,Martin CALLANAN (ECR,UK),Hannes SWOBODA (S&D,AT) Rebecca HARMS (EFA/Greens,DE) on the Council,s decision as regards EMU and the Banking Supervision mechanism

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (French) by Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE,BE) "We can finally say , after three attempts , that we reached an agreement on the banking supervision mechanism, this had been already decided in June, in October again, this was the third attempt. We finally have an agreement, the ECB will have a very important task and there will be scrutiny over all the banks even small small savings banks in Germany." 00:00:35
00:00:45 SOUNDBITE ( French) by Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE, BE), What the British are doing int rying to get a special status within the EU is against their own interests. Half of UK exports go to the European continent, 80% of financial transactions are in Euro, in the City in London. I believe it is not in the interest of UK to look for a special status, outside the UE. 00:00:34
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00:01:24 SOUNDBBITE (English) by Martin CALLANAN (ECR,UK), "Well of course it is the only first step of a number of steps that need to be takenOn the decision that was taken, I think it is a good decision from the point of view of those member states that are not in the Euro. We think it provides sufficient protection against Eurozone caucusing. It will allow Eurozone to push ahead with what they need to do and still preserve the integrity of the Single Market,so we think it is a good deal." 00:00:24
00:01:48 SOUNDBITE (English) by Hannes SWOBODA (S&D,AT), Finally the Council could come to a conclusion. We in the EP already decided on it. Now it is about adapting the two decisions by the Council and the EP, hopefully in the coming days because it is important to set the banking Union supervisory mechanism in motion as soon as possible. I am not happy that it should only start in March 2014, so may be we can have some intermediary steps before, in case it is necessary for the SSM to start working." 00:00:43
00:02:31 SOUNDBITE (English) by Hannes SWOBODA (S&D,AT) ." It is important to have this supervision beyond the Eurozone because the banks are closely connected with each other and therefore it would not make sense to have it only in the Eurozone. On the details, how it works? We have to look, because the countries and govern;ents outside the Eurozone should not prevent activities inside the Eurozone or make it more difficult but the linkeage is here,. the reality ,so the linkage should also be in the Eurozone." 00:00:31
00:03:02 SOUNDBITE (English) by Rebecca HARMS (EFA/Greens,DE)" I am very disappointed about the poor outcome of this Council, my impression is the Council is stuck in mistrust in the European method, the next step I would like to see in the EP is to push for a public debate , a political debate on what is really necessary. My impression is that to rely on the Council means that Europe will be in a crisis for a long time." 00:00:39
00:03:41 SOUNDBITE (English) by Rebecca HARMA (EFA/Greens, DE) "Let's pave the way for the next step for deeper European integration, it is necessary so for all the instruments we see necessary for Europe to pave the way out of the crisis, be it the redemption fund , be it also more fiscal competence on the European level. We willl need a Treaty change. The EP together with politicians from the member states and also civil society from the MS has to go for this discussion and I think what Helmut SCHMIDT and Jacques DELORS called last week "a putch for Europe", this has to be prepared, this has to be taken over by the EP, it means not less but also not more than to prepare a European Convention for a Treaty change in the next legislation." 00:01:05
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