EP vote on amending Budget 2012 and Budget 2013 : - Signing of the budget declaration by Martin SCHULZ, EP President - extracts from the vote

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EP President Schulz, Commission President Barroso and Council President Christofias jointly signed three declarations, promising to add fresh money during 2013 as soon as this proves necessary to pay outstanding bills from 2012 or to cover the gap between the level of payments adopted and the estimated needs (more details below). Just before the vote, Budgets Commissioner Lewandowski and Cyprus' European Affairs Minister Mavroyiannis again confirmed this commitment. The amending budget for 2012 was adopted by 514 votes to 68, with 82 abstentions. The budget for 2013 was declared adopted since no amendments were approved.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ, EP President : "Mr Christofias and Mr Barroso have already signed this statement but I have not signed this, and I will sign it now having put the following question the following question to Mr Lewandowski and Mr Mavroyannis: from your side, is there any comment you need to make? or can you assume that you fully support what I have just said? (Mr Lewandowski assents) OK, therefore I can sign this agreement, therefore Council and Commission have stated that these additional payment appropriations will be available as fresh money and under these conditions I can sign this declaration". He signs the documents. Applause 00:01:18
00:01:28 EP Presidents opens the vote on the Balzani report on the amending budget for 2012. 00:00:29
00:01:57 Digital screen with results, adopted by 514 votes to 68, with 82 abstentions. 00:00:03
00:02:00 EP Presidents opens now the vote on the 2013 Budget. Vote on the amendements by the Greens-EFA group. The amendements are grouped and voted in block and all of them are rejected. The Budget for 2013 is therefore The declared adopted since no amendments were approved. 00:00:42
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