Situation in Egypt: - extracts from the debate

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MEPs have debated with the Council the tensions and latest developments in Egypt.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Erato KOZAKOU-MARCOULLIS, Foreign Affairs Minister from Cyprus, on behalf of the VPC/HR: "We need to see a de-escalation of the situation and an all-inclusive dialogue to find a solution based on consensus and joint ownership. Evidently, Egypt needs a strong Constitution that represents ALL Egyptians". 00:00:19
00:00:29 SOUNDBITE (Romanian) Dan PREDA (EPP, RO): "Egypt has never been as divided as it is now, it's not about being for or against President Morsi, there is a deeper divide about the role of religion in public life and it will be impossible to bridge that gap by forcing a Constitution, especially if it's drafted without wide consultation and if fundamental rights are not guaranteed." 00:00:41
00:01:10 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Pier Antonio PANZERI (S&D, IT): "It's impossible to imagine that a democratic transition in Egypt can take place in this way and we can't have a majority logic whereby those that win elections have an absolute right to decide. This is against democratic processes and Constitutional rules. In this framework, we have to say that there are huge shortcomings in the Constitutional text, it's very conservative and it doesn't represent the whole of Egyptian society". 00:00:28
00:01:38 SOUNDBITE (English) Marietje SCHAAKE (ALDE, NL): "President Morsi made a very bad judgement-call to grab more power for himself than President Mubarak ever had, placing himself beyond judicial scrutiny. Our efforts to help bring investments and economic reconstruction to Egypt are replaced by serious concern and the need for urgent crisis management. President, the Egyptian people do not deserve this leadership: inexperienced yet power-hungry. Democracy is much more than 'one man one vote' and relying on checks and power in the streets is not sustainable. Egypt needs the rule of law". 00:00:36
00:02:14 SOUNDBITE (English) Marietje SCHAAKE (ALDE, NL): "I think with regard to the referendum and any developments that may unfold we must be much more vigilant, or se should stop pretending about conditionality". 00:00:10
00:02:24 SOUNDBITE (Dutch) Judith SARGENTINI (Greens-EFA, NL): "Megaphone diplomacy is not going to help the EU to ensure that rule of law is respected in Egypt, and so my request to Ms Ashton and Mr Fühle is: please use the 'conditionality clause', persist and attach conditions to our help. And let's not loose sight of the fact that democracy doesn't happen over night". 00:00:24
00:02:48 SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Ana GOMES (S&D, PT): "We want a democratic Egypt, it is important for peace in the region. This means that the leadership has to fulfil the promises of democracy and freedom for which so many courageous Egyptians died. That's why the European policy of 'more for more' has to support clearly those who are fighting for democracy in Egypt and say to President Morsi that if he wants to be supported he needs to respect the international obligations of Egypt, including the human rights of all Egyptians". 00:00:30
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