Nobel Peace Prize® 2012: - extracts from the ceremony

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After the 2012 Nobel prize was presented to the EU in Oslo on Monday, the European Parliament shared this morning the honour with European citizens. In a special ceremony in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the prize was symbolically handed over to the people of Europe. 20 European Citizens, among which the 10 young winners of the Facebook competition on "Peace, Europe, Future" received a Nobel Prize certificate.The Nobel diploma was then awarded by EP President Martin Schulz to the Maltese winner of the contest, Larkin Zahra.

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00:00:00 TITLE 00:00:00
00:00:00 Winner Larkin ZAHRA, EP President Martin SCHULZ and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso : family picture : 4 shots 00:00:05
00:00:05 EXTERIOR SHOT of the European Parliament, Strasbourg 00:00:05
00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ (S1D, DE), EP President (English translation :) "We'll start the day with a formal ceremony and I'm very happy to welcome you here to the plenary chamber, as you see we have a slightly unusual arrangement this morning, in the middle here we have some citizens who have been invited to come along as representatives of the citizens of the European union, to participate in this brief ceremony on the occasion of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union. 00:00:40
00:00:50 Ambient shots within the Hemicycle during the screening of videos on the construction of Peace in Europe : 10 shots 00:00:38
00:01:28 EP President Martin SCHULZ going to the tribune to address the citizens and the MEP'S after video screening : 1 shot 00:00:09
00:01:37 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ (S1D, DE), EP President (English translation :) "Here, in the middle of the Hemicycle, you can see the medal and the certificate of the Nobel Prize award. There is no better Home for sharing the future of this Prize than among the elected Representatives of Europe." 00:00:25
00:02:02 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ (S1D, DE), EP President (English translation :) "Many of us in this House belong to the generation that has not experienced war from the cradle to the grave, and I'd like to keep things that way. Peace, Ladies and Gentlemen starts with the removal of the word "BUT" : Democracy is good, BUT ... Hhman Rights must be guaranteed, BU ... tolerance is good, BUT ... mutual respect is necessary, BUT ... Whenever this word BUT creeps in, otherwise non negotiable rights start to be curbed. Democracy is good, YES, Human Rights must be respected, YES, mutual tolerance is the basis for Peace, YES, mutual respect for every human being, YES, there is no room for "but". And that's why the European Union is good, YES, and it deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, YES. (applause) 00:01:39
00:03:41 SOUNDBITE (French) José Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission (English translation :) The genius of the Funders of Europe has been precisely to build peace and reconciliation on a dynamic of economic integration, so to, through an economical mean, reach a political objective : Peace. But Europe is far more than a mere market. Of course market is important, to create interdependence and solidarity, but we need to conceive Europe as a political objective and, let's not be shy, as a cultural project : our European culture" 00:00:40
00:04:21 SOUNDBITE (French) José Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission (English translation :) "The genius in funding the European Union was to ensure that along with the democratic legitimacy of the Member States represented in the European Council, at the same time transnational democracy was developed. The first time in the history of humanity that transnational democracy was developed and that is symbolised in this Parliament, the European Parliament, directly elected by the citizens of Europe." (applause) 00:00:32
00:04:53 Assistance applauding, 3 SHOTS. 00:00:05
00:04:58 EP President Martin SHULZ delivering Nobel Prize certificate to 20 selected citizens from all over Europe, among which 10 young winners of the Facebook contest on what means Europe to them : 3 SHOTS. 00:00:22
00:05:20 SOUNDBITE (German) Martin SCHULZ (S1D, DE), EP President (English translation :) "Ladies and Gentleman, each of these citizens receives a certificate baring the text from the Nobel Prize award. And the young lady just beneath me just told me : I'm very proud to be here, especially because I'm from Greece. Thank you so much." 00:00:25
00:05:45 Ongoing ceremony of the certicate delivery : 3 SHOTS. 00:00:06
00:05:51 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ (S1D, DE), EP President "Larkin wrote a sentence, and for this sentence he was invited by us today, and I would invite him to tell us what he wrote: " 00:00:15
00:06:06 SOUNDBITE (English) Larkin ZAHRA, winner of the Facebook EU Nobel Prize contest "Answering the question of "What does Peace in Europe mean to me" I answered that my grand -parents would have said a dream, my parents, a process, and I can say it's my every day reality." 00:00:00
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