Foreign Affairs Council (Development): arrival and doorstep

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Development ministers had an orientation debate preparing the post MDGs/2015 framework and follow-up to the Rio+20 summit. They also exchanged views on the EU support for sustainable change in transition societies. A debate on the EU approach to resilience followed. Ministers are expected to adopt without discussions four sets of conclusions, notably one on Europe's engagement with civil society in external relations and another on social protection in European Union development cooperation.

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00:00:00 Arrival of Marta Dassù, Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Italy 00:00:25
00:00:25 SOUNDBITE (in Italian) by Marta Dassù: Today we will talk in general terms about the politics of development, on developments after 2015, what means after the deadline of the millennium goals, actually, with respect to the reduction of poverty is far less than we think. There is a recent FAO report indicating the progress that has been accomplished, through the economic development of countries like China, or countries of Southeast Asia in general. Africa is the big problem in terms of poverty, with a million people in extreme poverty, people living on less than 1.25 dollar a day. And this is the reason why our development policy is concentrated in Africa. Now, we will propose that we focus on countries with significant migration, security problems and difficult situations. 00:01:33
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