EP delegation participates in the United Nations' climate change conference (COP18) in Doha, Qatar: - extracts from the press conference - statement by Karl-Heinz FLORENZ (EPP, DE), Vice-President of the EP delegation

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The UN climate summit in Doha (COP 18) should spur the EU and other countries around the world to step up their action to limit global warming, say Environment Committee MEPs in a resolution adopted today. A majority called for the EU to aim for a 30% reduction in emissions by 2020. "The environment committee has sent a clear signal that the Doha summit must continue the momentum gained from Durban. The EU and our global partners must keep their promises, but also increase their level of ambition if we are to limit global warming to 2 degrees. It's time to move", said Environment Committee Chair Matthias Groote (S&D, DE), who will lead a European Parliament delegation to the summit.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the press room entrance 00:00:05
00:00:10 EU delegation entering the press room 00:00:08
00:00:18 General views of the press room (6 shots) 00:00:10
00:00:28 Extracts of the press conference: SOUNDBITE (English) Connie HEDEGAARD, Member of the EC in charge of Climate Action: I think is time to make one thing very clear : Cap is not the only thing at stake here in Doha. Cap alone will not make Doha a success. Because there is no such scenario as a success in Doha will be just with progress on the Cap. We need progress in all the three elements. I think is important to understand this. (NOTE: Cap and trade is the most environmentally and economically sensible approach to controlling greenhouse gas emissions.) 00:00:26
00:00:54 SOUNDBITE (English) Matthias GROOTE (S&D, DE) Chairman The financing I mentioned is really the hot potato here during the conference. There was a coalition build in COP before, and I think we have now to deliver. I’m really glad that UK and Germany announced (an increase in their contribution) but we have to generate also public money. This is also a trust building process trough the UN process, and also for us Europeans to fix our systems. We have something on the construction ETS back loading, we have to build trust. 00:00:40
00:01:34 Cutaways (10 shots) 00:00:47
00:02:21 Arrival of Karl-Heinz FLORENZ (EPP, DE) Vice-chair EP 00:00:13
00:02:34 SOUNDBITE (English) Karl-Heinz FLORENZ (EPP, DE) Vice-chair EP Delegation “We were with the Qatar delegation, the government of Qatar in their buildings, we spoke about the conference about the Qatar, the climate change, about the CO2 and the COP negotiations in general . I was a bit sad, because I’ve seen that the Qatar doesn’t take the leadership as we have it for example in Mexico. Qatar organised an excellent meeting here, but hey are not so interested on getting influence on the result. So I would like to motivate them, and they promised us to give a recommendation, that we are a kind of lead way where the delegation can talk on. So I hope that there will be a success, but I’m sure. 00:00:47
00:03:21 SOUNDBITE (English) Karl-Heinz FLORENZ (EPP, DE) Vice-chair EP Delegation This conference is a conference of governments, so the parliamentarians are guests, but I think it is very important that the parliamentarians from each continent or region, as those from Europe and China, Europe and the US keep contact, that we know each other, and that we can talk about the problems and how we come to common solutions, and I think that is very important. For example, with the US, they are quite stump , and I hope they will move a little bit more in the modern CO2 policy. 00:00:30
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