European Book Prize event : extracts from the debate with - Martin SCHULZ, EP President - Helmut SCHMIDT, former Chancellor of Germany - Jacques DELORS, former EC President

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End production: 05/12/2012   First transmission: 05/12/2012
The EP has hosted a debate on the future of Europe with former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and former President of the European Commission, Jacques Delors. This has been followed by the award of the European Book Prize, with speakers including leading politicians: S&D Group President Hannes Swoboda, European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Nobel Prize Committee chairman Thorbjørn Jagland, as well as EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy. The president of the jury for the European Book Prize this year was Greek film director Costa-Gavras. The European Book Prize is an annual event held as a way of promoting European values and contributing to Europeans’ understanding of Europe. Any book published in an EU member state is eligible for the competition. The European Book Prize is a European Union literary award established in 2007, organized by the association Esprit d'Europe in Paris. It seeks to promote European values, and to contribute to European citizens' better understanding of the European Union as a cultural entity. The prize is worth 10,000 Euros to each winner, the first two years had one winner only who received 20,000 Euros. The inaugural European Book Prize has been granted to Belgium's Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt for United States of Europe. The ceremony has been held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 05 December 2007. Subsequent winners include Tony Judt, Mariusz Szczygieł, Sylvie Goulard, Sofi Oksanen; Roberto Saviano, Maxim Leo and Anna Bikont.

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00:00:05 Exterior view of the European Parliament building in Brussels 00:00:05
00:00:10 General view of the ambience during the meeting (5 shots) 00:00:30
00:00:40 SOUNDBITE (German), Martin SCHULZ, President of the European Parliament: "I would like to express the hope to continue to fight for more Europe on our side for many years still. I wish you the very best in the moderation of this evening's debate, you are going to find out with no doubt struggle with these gentlemen of this kind". 00:00:25
00:01:05 SOUNDBITE (German), Helmut SCHMIDT, former Chancellor of Germany: "Youth unemployment around 50% in Greece and Spain and some other places like in Italy, youth unemployment where half of young people are affected is a scandal, something that we have never seen before in the history of the world even in the Great Depression in the 1930. Youth unemployment was not experience at that kind of level fifty percent in any country. That I think is the starting point in the negotiations for the EU budget for the next two years; there is no doubt about that. That means that that share of the budget that can create jobs and help young people to get work and on a living it needs to beef up and savings is something quite separate, saving is a virtue but you can apply that virtue on an entirely wrong manner. You can also save Europe to death, that is got to be avoided. That is why the creation of jobs is the bit that we need to strengthen and potentially this is maybe to the debts on expenditure on agriculture or cohesion policy". 00:01:44
00:02:49 SOUNDBITE (German), Helmut SCHMIDT, former Chancellor of Germany: "National egotism is almost like we were back to the 19th century because national egotism plays far to a bigger role still". 00:00:11
00:03:00 SOUNDBITE (French), Jacques DELORS, former EC President: "I had various problems with Ms Thatcher, it was not like with Cameron now, but when Ms Thatcher had a problem, I flew to London and if it was compatible with the treaties I help her out. But it was this idea of service that was essential, the idea was not to show off; the idea is to make something for Europe". 00:00:30
00:03:30 SOUNDBITE (German), Helmut SCHMIDT, former Chancellor of Germany: "I can well imagine that the EP could present its own proposal for legislation and ask for it to go to the people. What about private finance and shadow banking, what is the commission of the 27 governments proposing? What about the EP taking action and coming up with a draft of legislation." 00:00:41
00:04:11 SOUNDBITE (German), Helmut SCHMIDT, former Chancellor of Germany: "The future of Europe needed to be decided between the Frenchs and the Germans and I would add Poland to that equation later and I am absolutely persuaded of that today. My anglophile has decrease". 00:00:21
00:04:32 SOUNDBITE (French), Jacques DELORS, former EC President: "If we have a European social democratic party, then we will have French citizens and Polish citizens at the top of the German the list. We have to take it that far. Off course, we just do not want to limit ourselves to national level list, but we have to make a major effort to explain Europe to the 28 of us, with Croatia next year and Serbia and others off course in the future. So we have to explain why this big Europe has a sense in such a difficult world". 00:00:35
00:05:07 SOUNDBITE (French), Jacques DELORS, former EC President: "The British need to understand that we are going to hold interminable discussions and provide never ending concessions just to see Europe trading water. Europe is getting weaker, and is not answering to the challenge of History. Consequently, we need to address this problem together with the public opinion." 00:00:30
00:05:37 End 00:00:00
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