EP Conference of Presidents open to all members on the outcome of the European Summit (22-23/11): - MEPs debate

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End production: 27/11/2012   First transmission: 27/11/2012
On Tuesday 27, the EP Conference of Presidents discussed with Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council and with President of the Commission Jose Manuel BARROSO, on the outcome of the European Summit (22-23/11). Negotiations were stalled at the European Summit in which European leaders had to decide on the future of the European budget for the next 7 years. Two different views were confronted in this summit: "The friends of cohesion", wanting to increase or at least maintain the EU budget, versus "the friends of better spending", willing to make cuts. The EP called for maintaining the budgetary framework proposed by the Commission and is not willing to accept a compromise below 1.1% of the European GDP for the EU budget.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (French) Joseph DAUL (EPP, FR): "I feel a need to express a degree of relief, because if an agreement had been found on Friday, it would have been a bad agreement; it's better not to have agreement at all rather than having a poor agreement. And if the Council cannot find an agreement that can allow to found their own commitments, then I think we should extend the current financial framework and freezing the ceilings for 2013 until there is an agreement on new own resources through which we can finance the policies that have already been agreed, while reducing national contributions. And I hope that the period over Christmas will be an opportunity for member states to reconsider seriously the effects of their short-term views". 00:00:44
00:00:54 SOUNDBITE (German) Hannes SWOBODA (S&D, AT): On the fact that the EU do not deserve the Nobel Prize if the attitude of its member states is only to make cuts on security and foreign policies, on development aid: "maybe our predecessors deserved it, but we certainly don't deserve any sort of Nobel Prize with these major cuts." 00:00:50
00:01:44 SOUNDBITE (English) Guy VERHOFSTADT (ALDE, BE): "I think that the only way to stop this game is to get rid of the national contributions by financing the European Union. That's the only good way forward. So I hope that the chapter on the introduction of the real 'own resources' that you have, that you can keep that. A budget based on national contributions kills in fact the Union, while I think that a budget based on own resources, makes that the European interest becomes more important than the national interests. For us it is a key priority and I should ask you Mr Van Rompuy to keep that chapter intact. That we have the FTT and the VAT in 2021 as the new resources, so that this game we see today can end". 00:00:52
00:02:36 SOUNDBITE (French) Daniel COHN-BENDIT (Greens-EFA, FR): "Today we are witnessing the end of a model of multi annual budgets. We can't go on like this, and we are not 27 or 28 now, but 29. Because the European Parliament has the same veto rights as the 28 other parties. This often got forgotten at the negotiations which took place over the weekend and the point needs to be restated. I think the heads of state and government act like our parent: 'once we've given our children a quick around the ear, they'll obey, but no, those days are over. If we don't like it we will say no, and I do hope that this Parliament will be big enough to say no". 00:00:45
00:03:21 SOUNDBITE (English) Jan ZAHRADIL (CZ, ECR): "I think that it is not the size of the budget which matters, I think it is the structure of the budget which matters. And I think that we and you Mr President have to look closely on the structure of the budget. And that's the core of the problem. I do not consider this summit to be a failure; I think it showed a very simple fact that there is a significant number of governments that want to see the EU live within its means, nothing more, nothing less. And there is a very boring custom in this Parliament to blame almost for everything the UK government and the UK Prime Minister. Let me tell you that there is a number of other governments and other Prime Ministers and other Chancellors who this time took a very similar position ". 00:00:51
00:04:12 SOUNDBITE (French) Alain LAMASSOURE (EPP, FR), Chair of the EP Budgets Committee: "At the time of the Europe of 12 member states we said that there were 11 leaders around the table talking about Europe and Ms Thatcher talking about her money. Today we have 27 'Thatcher', all talking about their money. Cut, cut, cut: 27 blind butchers all trying to preserve their own backyard while in fact they jeopardise the whole process and the programmes proposed by the Commission and preserved by Mr Van Rompuy. So it's bye-bye to Europe 2020 Agenda, to the Growth Pact and to Europe as a global player. And touching upon the credibility of the Council itself: how can the members of the Council claim that they are deciding on the budget until 2020 if they are incapable of implementing the 2012 budget by means of their own budget ministers?". 00:00:55
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