EP Conference of Presidents open to all members on the outcome of the European Summit (22-23/11): - extracts from the Council and Commission statements

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The EP Conference of Presidents discussed on Tuesday 27 November on the outcome of the European Summit (22-23/11) at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. Negotiations were stalled at the European Summit in which European leaders had to decide on the future of the European budget for the next 7 years. Two different views were confronted in this summit: "The friends of cohesion", wanting to increase or at least maintain the EU budget, versus "the friends of better spending", willing to make cuts. The EP called for maintaining the budgetary framework proposed by the Commission and is not willing to accept a compromise below 1.1% of the European GDP for the EU budget.

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Herman VAN ROMPUY, president of the European Council: "Our budget must properly reflect the fact that there are a certain nr of thinks we want the Union to do for our country and our citizens, and it must be able to do them. Far for being a drain on national budgets , there are area where spending at the European level can save money at national level, trough economies of scale, or by avoiding the duplications". 00:00:27
00:00:37 SOUNDBITE (English) Herman VAN ROMPUY, president of the European Council: "European Union works with a 7 years financial framework. This is unique. especially for such a relatively small budget. National budgets average about 50% of GDP. That of the Union 1% . it is therefore too small to conduct an anti - cyclical economic policy , but it is still very significant in certain countries, sometimes co financing nearly all public investment, and in certain sectors such as research and development and agriculture". 00:00:38
00:01:15 SOUNDBITE (English) Herman VAN ROMPUY, president of the European Council: "The resources side is difficult and delicate. Those who in other fields are pressing for reforms, are in that area somewhat less reformists. In the group of net contributors there is no over all agreement. Nevertheless I think that there too solution can be find, even if less ambitious". 00:00:24
00:01:39 SOUNDBITE (English) Herman VAN ROMPUY, president of the European Council : "I will therefore focus my efforts for finding a fair compromise. An agreement that still preserves an underling strategy. An agreement that 27 and with the EP . The cost of non agreement is by the way to high, both for the Union and for the member states, without exception". 00:00:19
00:01:58 SOUNDBITE (English ) José Manuel BARROSO, Commission President: "It is precisely now when EU needs investment that we see - at least some governments - less open to the idea of an investment for growth. So there it is, from my point of view here a problem of coherence... How can we, on one side, say that we need a programme for investment and growth and afterwards, when it's comes to the moment of decisions to not always follow collectively these principles..." 00:00:30
00:02:28 SOUNDBITE (English ) José Manuel BARROSO, Commission President: "By efficiency gains, I mean reducing costs that are avoidable - I do not mean the capacity to act of the EU institutions. If there was one aspect which I really did not like during this EU Council it was the very active spinning and beaching by some in the corridors, and in the media, against the community institutions, notably the Commission. I say in the corridors, because, indeed, in the room the discussion was constructive, and polite. I also must say that it was indeed an encouragement to se how positively many leaders responded when I provided them with facts and figures about our institutions. Let us also in this debate respect the principle of fair play which I have been valued always very high also in moment of difficult negotiations". 00:00:55
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