Extracts from the press conference by Štefan Füle on the adoption of the 2012 Enlargement Package (candidates countries)

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End production: 10/10/2012   First transmission: 10/10/2012
On 10 October 2012, Štefan Füle, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, presented the 2012 Enlargement Package adopted by the European Commission on the same day. On this occasion, he gave a speech on the conclusions of the European Commission regarding Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Turkey and Iceland.

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10:00:05 Štefan Füle, Member of the EC in charge of Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, at the press conference on the 2012 Enlargement Package, in Brussels 00:00:04
10:00:09 Soundbite by Štefan Füle (in ENGLISH): The negotiations will integrate the new approach for the chapters on judiciary and fundamental rights and justice, freedom and security, thereby reinforcing the focus on the rule of law and on the irreversibility of the undertaken reforms. Montenegro will need to further develop a track record on the rule of law, especially in the fight against organised crime and corruption. 00:00:39
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10:00:52 Soundbite by Štefan Füle (in ENGLISH): The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia continues to meet sufficiently the political criteria. The High Level Accession Dialogue (HALD) has served as a catalyst for accelerating reforms and contributed to substantial progress. We need to show that the EU perspective for the country is real. The Commission recommends for the fourth time opening of the negotiations. We believe that moving the country to the next stage is necessary in order to keep the pace of reforms, lessen the risk of any reversal in the reform process and strengthen the inter-ethnic relations in the country Maintaining good neighbourly relations is essential, a solution to the name dispute need to be found without delay. 00:01:07
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10:02:05 Soundbite by Štefan Füle (in ENGLISH): As for the start of accession negotiations, the Commission will present a report as soon as it will have assessed that Serbia has achieved the necessary degree of compliance with the membership criteria, in particular the key priority of taking steps towards a visible and sustainable improvement of relations with Kosovo. 00:00:26
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10:02:35 Soundbite by Štefan Füle (in ENGLISH): Turkey: we have many common interests. It is a key country for the EU. It is in our mutual interest that accession negotiations regain their momentum, notably also to allow the EU to remain the benchmark for Turkey's reforms. We will continue with the Positive Agenda to revive the accession process, building on the first results achieved and maintaining the fresh dynamism it has brought to our relations. The Commission recommends the resumption of work on negotiating chapters which has been interrupted over the recent years because of the lack of consensus amongst Member States. 00:00:59
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10:03:39 Soundbite by Štefan Füle (in ENGLISH): Iceland continues to fully meet the political criteria and is well advanced in its preparations for EU membership. Accession negotiations are progressing well and are entering into a decisive phase. EU accession remains an issue of lively public debate in Iceland. The Commission is confident that we will be able to present a package for negotiations which takes Iceland's specificities into account and safeguards the principles and acquits of the EU, allowing also, in due course, for a fully informed decision of the Icelandic people. 00:00:50
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