Major banks, telecoms companies and governments join forces in EU-wide cyberattack exercise: statement by Ryan Heath, EC Spokesperson

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On 04 October, Ryan Heath, EC Spokesperson for Digital Agenda gave an statement on major banks, telecoms companies and governments join forces in EU-wide cyberattack exercise. Hundreds of cyber security experts from across the EU are testing their readiness to combat cyber-attacks in a day-long simulation across Europe today. In Cyber Europe 2012, 400 experts from major financial institutions, telecoms companies, internet service providers and local and national governments across Europe are facing more than 1200 separate cyber incidents (including more than 30 000 emails) during a simulated distributed denial of service (DDoS) campaign. The exercise is testing how they would respond and co-operate in the event of sustained attacks against the public websites and computer systems of major European banks. If real, such an attack would cause massive disruption for millions of citizens and businesses across Europe, and millions of euros of damage to the EU economy.

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00:00:05 SOUNDBITE (in English) by Ryan Heath, EC Spokesperson: Today the European Commission and the ENISA (the EU's European Network and Information Security Agency) are running the largest ever cyber attack exercise that Europe seen and that is involving 400 participants that come from banks, telephone companies, and governments across Europe, and what they are doing is simulating a large scale cyber attack on some major banks and the reason why is very important to do this is that cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and very organised. It is not just kids playing around anymore and they can do lot of economic damage. If we are well organised together there won't be major problems in the future so the initiative today is that we do it in public and private sector we are covering all of Europe and is the largest exercise. 00:00:46
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