Extracts from the press conference by Michel Barnier on the Single Market Act II

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On 3 October 2012, Michel Barnier, Member of the EC in charge of Internal Market and Services, gave a press conference in Brussels to present the "Single Market Act II" adopted by the European Commission on the same day. This second phase of the Single Market Act is putting forward twelve key actions for rapid adoption by the EU institutions. These actions are concentrated on four main drivers for growth, employment and confidence: a) integrated networks, b) cross border mobility of citizens and businesses, c) the digital economy, and d) actions that reinforce cohesion and consumer benefits. Single Market Act II follows in the footsteps of a first set of measures presented by the European Commission - the "Single Market Act I" - and represents a new chapter in a process towards a deeper and better integrated single market. It marks the 20th anniversary of the EU's single market and raises the curtain on the Single Market Week (15-20 October 2012). Under the theme "Together for new growth", a week-long series of events across the EU will give an opportunity to policy-makers and citizens to discuss the achievements and challenges of the single market and come up with new ideas.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Arrival of Michel Barnier, Member of the EC in charge of Internal Market and Services, to the press conference at the European Commission in Brussels 00:00:05
10:00:10 General view of the audience 00:00:03
10:00:13 Soundbite by Michel Barnier (in FRENCH) saying that he is very happy to confirm that, this morning, the College adopted the Single market act II. This is a collective piece of work and it is a very important one. It is the follow-up to the first stage of the single market act which they presented last year in a context of very lucid diagnosis of the internal market which Mario Monti, Italian Prime Minister and Minister for Economy and Finance, had carried out. 00:00:33
10:00:47 Cutaway of journalists 00:00:05
10:00:53 Soundbite by Michel Barnier (in FRENCH) saying that now, they think that 5 of these 12 proposals, if the political willing is there in the Council and the Parliament, could be adopted by the end of this year. Those five concern patent, with strengthened cooperation; risk capital passport; investment fund for social entrepreneurship; alternative conflict settlement, proposed by John Dalli, Member of the EC in charge of Health and Consumer Policy, and directive on the counting standards. There were requirement for transparency in market in business whether listed or not when making investment in forestry or extraction of mining. 00:00:48
10:01:42 Cutaway of journalists 00:00:03
10:01:46 Soundbite by Michel Barnier (in FRENCH) saying that their citizens remain very much at the heart of what they are doing. He declared his desire to reconcile the small and medium-sized enterprises, the consumers-citizens with the single market. These are precise operational proposals which are designed to create this conciliation and to create for consumers and citizens, the best possible eco-system for investments and initiatives. 00:00:35
10:02:21 Cutaway of journalists 00:00:04
10:02:26 Michel Barnier leaving the press conference (2 shots) 00:00:07
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