Extracts from the press conference by Dacian Cioloș on new proposals on transparency of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

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End production: 25/09/2012   First transmission: 25/09/2012
On 25 September 2012, Dacian Cioloş, Member of the EC in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development, gave a press conference on the EC proposal designed to apply new rules with regard to the publication of information on the beneficiaries of European agricultural funds.

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10:00:00 Title 00:00:05
10:00:05 Arrival of Dacian Cioloş, Member of the EC in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development 00:00:05
10:00:10 Soundbite by Dacian Cioloş (in FRENCH) saying that all the aid will be published; for the small farmers, there won't have the names but the aid received in given villages with small numbers of farmers, the aid will be there but without the names; saying that when they presented the legislative proposal, they had 30% of small farmers which had only 3% of the agricultural surface area. So, they appreciate that this is not where most of the findings goes. 00:00:34
10:00:45 Soundbite by Dacian Cioloş (in FRENCH) saying that there will have details on why these farmers receive that amount; so that is the difference to the times where they gave the name of agriculture company and the total amount but there was no explanation on why this funding was being made available; from now there will be all the clarifications and explanations. 00:00:21
10:01:07 Soundbite by Dacian Cioloş (in ENGLISH): Now we publish not only an amount but the content of this amount and we explain also the justification; so with all these, now, elements we are more in line with the observation of the Court of Justice. 00:00:21
10:01:28 Dacian Cioloş 00:00:07
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