Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRI): Extracts from the press conference

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Concerning agriculture, two public debates have taken place in the Council on the proposals for regulations on rural development and the common organisation of the markets in agricultural products within the framework of the CAP reform. As regards fisheries, the ministers have held a public debate on the European maritime and fisheries fund (EMFF) within the framework of the CFP reform. Finally, the Council has been briefed on the Codex decision on ractopamine,, the Asian longhorned beetle outbreak, the fisheries protocol between the EU and Mauritania, the North East Atlantic mackerel stock, the consequences for agriculture of recent drought in the world, in particular the increase of feed prices, the situation of the dairy market and a conference on agriculture, food security and climate change.

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00:00:20 SOUNDBITE by Sofoclis Aletraris, Cypriot Minister for Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (In Greek) saying that: We continued today the discussion of the reform of the CAP and the context of our attends to achieve a partial general approach on the 4 regulations in the new CAP before the end of the year and I believe we are well on our way. 00:00:26
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00:00:50 SOUNDBITE by Sofoclis Aletraris (In Greek) saying that: As regards rural development regulation, the ministers were invited to put forward their views on the development of the policy of areas facing natural constrains on the basis of a biophysical criteria. As regards the fine tuning exercise, it emerged that the majority of member states want greater flexibility and a transitional period for the completion of the procedure up until the end of 2015. 00:00:39
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00:01:32 SOUNDBITE by Dacian Ciolos, Member of the EC in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development (In French) saying that: For me, the safety net is a package of measures which concern on one hand direct support for farmer basic income in the form of direct payments and then there are markets based measures specifically linked to the market, they are exceptional measures that apply to exceptional situations that doesn't apply at the moment; every time we have exceptional circumstances we have to do something with a very limited legal basis. And then we have risk management and income stabilization. 00:00:36
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00:02:11 SOUNDBITE by Dacian Ciolos (In French) saying that: I have also proposed to minister that next week at a management committee we include an item on the agenda whereby we will go to a more technical analysis of the current market situation for the sensitive industries and we will also look at the various measures which member states have proposed.. I explained that at first glance, according the to Commission analysis, they would not operate effectively but I believe that the management committee might be an opportunity to have a detailed discussion. 00:00:38
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00:02:52 SOUNDBITE by John Dalli, Member of the EC in charge of Health and Consumer Policy (In English) saying that: On a point raised by the Dutch delegation, on Asian long-horned beetle on wood packaging material from China, I underlined the importance that the Commission attaches to this issue. A letter has been sent by the Commission in June to the Chinese authorities and a meeting was held with the Chinese authorities this afternoon to convey the concerns of member states and ask for an action plan to address this issue. 00:00:23
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00:03:18 SOUNDBITE by John Dalli (In English) saying that: We discussed the incident in the food chain which first led to a ban on sales of alcohol beverages in the Czech Republic followed last Friday by an extension of the Czech measures to ban the export both within and the Union of such beverages. The Commission welcome these measures since this is crucial in times of health crisis to demonstrate the importance of strong and well organised control of the food chain. 00:00:25
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