Preparations for the Special meeting of the European Council with particular reference to the Multiannual Financial Framework: - extracts from the Council and Commission statements

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End production: 21/11/2012   First transmission: 21/11/2012
Political group leaders debated the EU's 2014-2020 budget with the Cyprus Council Presidency and the European Commission

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00:00:18 SOUNDBITE (English), Andreas MAVROYIANNIS, Cyprus' Deputy Minister for EU Affairs: "The Presidency supports the President of the European Council in his determination to secure a deal later this week. This is essential for the credibility of the Union, and its ability to deliver to and on behalf of its citizens. This package takes us towards an eventual compromise. The proposal reduces the original Commission proposal by approximately 75 billions euros for the MFF itself and then additional 6 billions for those elements outside the MFF." 00:00:34
00:00:52 SOUNDBITE (English), Andreas MAVROYIANNIS, Cyprus' Deputy Minister for EU Affairs:" We must all be realistic. Europe has been through one of the most severe crisis and despite significant efforts on both national and EU levels, the effects of this crisis will continue to be felt for some time. We have no choice but to reflect this dire situation in the MFF." 00:00:19
00:01:11 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "The decision on the future MFF are going to be a key test in terms of our credibility, because our main instrument for investing in growth and job creation is the budget for the European Union". 00:00:17
00:01:28 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "Only the European budget can guarantee financing for the european dynamic, the national budgets alone cannot provide for. We need this dynamic for growth and employment in Europe, because we have to be able to create a real european space for economic, social and territorial cohesion, for education, for research, innovation and infrastructure. So let's be clear, governments will first and for most be defending what they define as their national interests. The EU institutions, the Commission, the Parliament, will have to lobby very hard for the European dimension that is at stake". 00:00:47
00:02:15 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "More than 94% of the budget is actually fully dedicated to european citizens and to Europe. It's about investment in all of the economies of the member states. In our region, our cities, in our countryside areas, it's about obtaining the 2020 objectives, about guaranteeing convergence in european solidarity. The European Union budget is really what allows us, at european level, to improve the lives of our fellow citizens. Thanks to cohesion policy for instance, which is a key solidarity policy, but also when it comes to growth and to economic convergence policies, job creation policy". 00:00:40
00:02:55 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "The Nobel price for science and other awards have apparently, in Brussels recently, been subject to a petition which was actually launched by 44 Nobel science laureates and received thousands of signatures for support in Europe, particularly for european students. So I just want to recall that one euro invested in research and innovation will actually bring together the best possible brains in the European Union and actually makes much more in addition that one euro spend at national level". 00:00:37
00:03:32 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "And when European Union starts to be able to attract the best researchers around the world, and when young scientists and researchers in Europe decide to stay in Europe, but that the time for us to be investing more not taking our foot off the pedal because research and innovation is just taking off in Europe today". 00:00:18
00:03:50 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "How can Europeans understand that when we have this summit in Brussels, when we are talking about hundreds of billions of euros to save the banks, when we go to Brussels to talk about helping poor people we come back with a negative, instead of a positive. How these people suppose to understand these decisions that we are making". 00:00:24
00:04:14 SOUNDBITE (French), José-Manuel BARROSO, President of the European Commission: "Coming to an agreement is really about reaching compromises. We are going to be at the table with compromise in mind. But let's be clear, compromise has to be constructive, they've got to be about strengthening Europe and not about pulling Europe apart. Everybody has got to participate here. The essential thing is that we have a budget that is a motor for growth and jobs. I would like to ask all of the head's of States and Governments that will be meeting in Brussels this week, to listen to the Nobel sciences laureates, to assert that future of Europe depends on research and innovation. Listen to the Erasmus students who want the best possible education. Listen to the people in their own regions, the business organisations and the trade unions who are saying how important investments are for re-launching growth". 00:00:57
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