Cancellation of negotiations on 2012/2013 Budget: - statement by Martin SCHULZ, EP President

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EP negotiators will not attend the meeting with Council on the budget 2013 scheduled for tonight, because there is no agreement among the member states about a supplementary budget for the current year. These funds are needed for the European Union to respect its legal obligations, i.e. to pay for bills incurred for goods, works and services delivered. "There will be no conciliation due to disagreement in Council on 2012 bills" said Martin Schulz EP President

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00:00:10 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President : "After a lot of negotiation we decided as EP today to suspend the negotiations about the amending budget for 2012 and the budget for 2013. There is no agreement for the time being between the Parliament and a lot of member states within the European Council about the financing of very important projects for the next years, for example the connecting European facilities, the infrastructure development of the European Union, the cohesion founds. Also what is worrying us a lot is for example no financing for the Erasmus programme, the exchange of young peoples in the EU is of higher importance, so we are not in agreement for the time being, this is not a catastrophe, we suspended it, we expect now a new proposal from the Commission and than we will restart the negotiations. I must underline, for the time being, between the European, Parliament and the Council, there is no agreement". 00:01:06
00:01:16 SOUNDBITE (English) Martin SCHULZ, EP President : "The deadline is short, today there is the last possibility for the ongoing negotiations, we suspended it, so we wait for a new proposal of the Commission, that could be tabled during the next days, and then it is still possible to get an agreement by the end of the year". 00:00:23
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