Hearing of Tonio BORG, Maltese Commissioner-designate: - extracts from the Hearing (questions/answers)

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Tonio Borg has been put forward to replace John Dalli as health and consumer protection commissioner, but under the treaties the Maltese foreign minister cannot be confirmed without the Parliament having been asked first. MEPs will use the opportunity to find out his views and assess his suitability before voting on a recommendation

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00:00:21 SOUNDBITE (IN GERMAN): Evelyne GEBHARDT (S&D, DE): "Commissioner Reding is preparing a draft legislation on the representation of women in company boards. Are you going to be supporting Mrs Reding in this initiative. Yes or no?" 00:00:13
00:00:34 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH): Tonio BORG, Maltese Commissioner-designate: "I have no difficulties with the quota issue. Of course one has to see the elements of the proposal itself because there are some reservations by a lot of people on elective posts. But on regulatory bodies, I say why not. I say why not because when everything fails one has to refer and rely on the quotas themselves". 00:00:22
00:00:56 SOUNBITE (in DUTCH): Toine MANDERS (ALDE, NL): "You know that Mr Dalli had to resign because of accusations that were never proved. What do you think about OLAF and its assessments of these type of issues". 00:00:19
00:01:15 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH): Tonio BORG, Maltese Commissioner-designate: "I have to be prudent on this matter. I have worked with MR Dalli in cabinet, outside cabinet. I hope that he is allowed to defend his position. But that all I can say. I'm here because thera has been a resignation, there has to be a substitution. My government proposed me as a substitute to Mr Dalli, and will assure certain continuity but I come out with my new ideas as well. Olaf can defend itself I think, I don't need to say anything about that as well". 00:00:38
00:01:53 SOUNBITE (in FRENCH): Corinne LEPAGE (ALDE, FR): "You said that you felt very strongly about the independence of EFSA. That's a good thing. Do you plan to take concrete measures in order to effectively improve, not only the perception, but also the reality of the independence of that organisation? Do you plan to revise assessment systems and specifically as pretend to GMO. A number of member states requested that these systems be reviewed. Would you review the guidelines?" 00:00:33
00:02:26 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH): Tonio BORG, Maltese Commissioner-designate: "I shall not be a slave of EFSA, Madame Lepage. I mean, I'm very clear on this. This does not mean that I will not give it the due consideration, whenever EFSA gives clear advice and solid scientific evidence on these questions. On GMO I will not rush where angel fears to tread. Which dos not mean I will not take decision on this matter. Because there are implications not taking a decision. There are legal implications as well. AS you know, in the European Court of Justice, there is a possibility of proceedings being broad forward for failure to act". 00:00:40
00:03:06 SOUNDBITE (in ENGLISH): Tonio BORG, Maltese Commissioner-designate: "You know what the situation is, that the Council is living it up with the Commission to take decision. After all due authorization is issued by the Commissioner himself and not by EFSA. We have to be very careful in this regards of taking the right decision because if we take the wrong decision there would have a lot of harmful effects either way. But at the moment, in time, the decision has to be taken". 00:00:30
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