Money laundering - key elements for preventing and combating organised crime

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Opening by Ms Sonia Alfano, Chair of the Special Committee on organised crime, corruption and money laundering. The new Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations on money laundering / Assessment of channels and techniques used for money laundering and of the instruments for the prevention of money laundering / Money laundering as a key element for drugs crime / Money laundering and online gambling / Anti-money laundering compliance and risk management in the banking sector

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00:00:20 Soundbite (English) Tom Neylan, FATF Secretariat: "Money laundering is major problem and the proceeds of crime re presents a very significant share of the worlds GDP and sadly a very small proportion of that is interdicted. The numbers come from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. It is a big problem and financial measures are comparatively measures of dealing with it." 00:00:27
00:00:47 Soundbite (English) Rosario Crocetta, FATF: "We are talking about a huge phenomenon, it is a huge problem. Its a massive problem, we are trying to do our best. I mean the results and effects of those affords, at global level and european level, are to a certain extend encouraging but you have seen the figures, they are frightening and I can add to those figures, the fact, according to the same sources, the intercepted amount of money laundering, is very small. We are talking about 1 per cent of the total of money laundering we can estimate takes place worldwide." 00:00:51
00:01:38 Soundbite (English) Rosario Crocetta, FATF: "We would like to introduce a more effective and more efficient system of sanctions because if the rule is not applied in a correct manner and if there is no sanctions which are persuasive it is completely useless to have a regime. So we gonna try hard that sanctions will work a way they need and in general we are to pursue a high level of efficiency of the whole system, a high level of efficiency of the legal framework through different means in particular by trying to make sure that Member States not only have a good law, that this good law is also applied in a correct manner." 00:00:44
00:02:22 Soundbite (Italian) Salvatore IACOLINO, (EPP, IT): "One more question regarding car trafficking. In some countries there is a detailed legislation about. But it seems that there is no really European approach to be useful for application." 00:00:22
00:02:44 Soundbite (Slovenian) Tanja FAJON (S&D-SL): "Money laundering in fact very often unfortunately includes a variety of very eminent financial institutions." 00:00:11
00:02:55 Soundbite (English) Bill NEWTON DUNN (ALDE-UK): "When I think of the vast number of tax evasions that exists around the world - and I think you come from the same Member State - non one of the British tax evasions have been abolished. Brittan sponsors a waste number of tax evasions. We are not making a progress at all, are we not?" 00:00:16
00:03:11 Soundbite (French) Jean-Claude Delepiere, President of CTIF/CFI, Belgian Financial Intelligence Unit: "Criminal organisations use and abuse all possible tax rules allowing non transparency such as tax havens and other tax facilities available to them. This a very serious problem it is an ongoing one and it will be for us for some time to come." 00:00:21
00:03:32 Soundbite (English) Antonio Maria Costa, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations: 00:00:28
00:04:00 Soundbite (English) Ingo Fiedler, University of Hamburg: "Gambling is just a perfect tool for money laundering. You have a huge volume of transactions and cash flow so can disguise money laundering behind it. You have no physical product. This is very important. So you can just make something up. And what is kind of important is that gambling wins often tax free." 00:00:28
00:04:28 Soundbite (French) René Wack, Financial Security Consultant, Chairman of the EBIC Working Group on Money Laundering: "The extension of the scope of vigilance that banks is required to prepare, with regard organized crime, means that any bank client can become a suspect." 00:00:18
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